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Things To Do in City Beach

City Beach is the embodiment of Perth's coastal lifestyle. Residential suburbs splaying out up onto the stretches of white sandy shorelines, yet just a short distance away from the bustle of the city centre. The area has developed a thriving local community with plenty of activities, dining options…

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Rockingham

Incredible marine wildlife encounters, golden beaches, sheltered bays, exciting eateries and adrenaline-fuelled adventures; that's Rockingham. Being only a 45-minute drive from the CBD, it is the perfect place for an urban adventure with coastal thrills found nowhere else. Here, we outline how to…

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Discover Hillarys Boat Harbour

Are you even from Perth if you haven’t spent a day at Sunset Coast gem Hillarys Boat Harbour?! Built in the 1980s, perched upon the Indian Ocean, Hillarys Boat Harbour offers the perfect combination of shopping, dining, aquatic adventures, and plenty of relaxation. It’s a place where something is…

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