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Northam - WA's Largest Inland Town, Home to Many Heritage Listed Buildings.

Located just over an hour from Perth on the Great Eastern Highway, Northam is a great base from which to explore the Avon Valley. Exploring the towns architecture on foot is a rewarding experience and along the way you'll also discover many craft and curio shops. There's also a wide range of cafes and restaurants from alfresco to fine dining.

The Avon River flows through the town and is fringed by soft grassy banks and shady trees. Picnicking beside the river is a popular pastime and it is here that you can also observe the activities of the elegant white swans which were brought here by settlers over 100 years ago. Or, you can spy on the swans from the heady heights of the pedestrian suspension bridge which passes over the Avon River.

There are many activities to choose from in Northam such as hot air ballooning, horse riding or white water rafting. To learn more about this beautiful town, why not join one of the Shire of Northam's river and heritage tours. Join experienced and knowledgeable local guides on walking or bus tours to discover Northam's diverse, natural and cultural history.

Things To See and Do in Northam

  • Catch the AvonLink train from Perth to Northam with Transwa
  • Stop in at the Northam Visitor Centre for brochures, information and bookings
  • Go hot air ballooning with Windward Balloon Adventures or Liberty Balloon Flights
  • Discover Northam's many heritage listed buildings
  • Potter through the many craft and curio stores
  • Picnic on the banks of the Avon River
  • View the white swans from the pedestrian suspension bridge

Stargazing in Northam

Bilya Koort Boodja is the ideal location to start your stargazing journey in Northam. Visit the centre to learn about the Nyoongar connection with the night sky, and how this has informed their beliefs and culture. Occasionally, you can also participate in one of their stargazing-themed events. Bert Hawke Oval is the perfect site to set up a telescope or use binoculars to watch the ever-changing night skies. Ample parking is available, as well as a playground for children, and you can reach this site by following Clarke Street past Burwood Park.

Although Northam has a wealth of areas for you to capture breathtaking photographs of our night skies, Katrine Road is the perfect location for snaps you won’t get anywhere else. With no light pollution, an abundance of natural beauty and historic buildings, as well as the iconic Glenfield Homestead, Katrine Road will offer you the perfect backdrop for that night sky image you’ve always wanted to capture.

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