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Avon Valley Walking Trails

Step back in time and nature - explore Western Australia's Avon Valley on foot.

Embark on a captivating journey through Western Australia's Avon Valley, where the beauty of nature meets the rich tapestry of history. Known as the state's first inland settlement, the Avon Valley boasts a network of walking trails that wind through reserves, revealing stunning views and an abundance of native flora and fauna, especially during the vibrant wildflower season in spring. Discover the perfect blend of natural wonders and historical charm in the heart of Avon Valley.


Beverley Town Heritage Trail

Beverley is a peaceful one and a half hour drive from Perth through the Helena National Park or Mundaring State Forrest. This Beverley Town Hertiage Trail guides you on a tour of the heritage buildings in beautiful Beverley. Admire the the variety of architecture, from Art Deco to Georgian to the newly built Cornerstone building, home of the visitor centre. The walk will take around one hour, starting at the Dead Finish Museum. Trail details are included in the Beverley Booklet, available from the Beverley Visitor Centre.

Vincent Street Heritage Walk

The award-winning Vincent Street Heritage Walk guides you on a tour of the stunning heritage buildings in Beverley. Download the app by scanning the QR code at the trail head just outside the Beverley Visitor Centre. As you walk along Vincent Street pedestals will be found outside the buildings of significance or follow the map on the Augmented app reality app. Each identified place has cultural significance to the Beverley community.

Beverley Art Trail

​The Beverley Art Trail is a trail around the town centre to all galleries, studios, murals, sculptures, theatres and venues in town. The trail is approximately 2.5 km return from the Beverley Visitor Centre. View the brochure.

Avondale Bush Reserve Walk Trail 

The Avondale Bush Reserve Trail is marked with a total distance of 1.8km. No hiking experience is needed however a reasonable level of fitness is required. It is recommended to allow an hour to walk the loop. On the trail you will discover an abundance of flora and fauna. Note: This trail is currently only accessible by appointment. Please contact National Trust of WA (08) 9321 6088.

Brooking Street Bush Reserve Trails

​The Brooking Street Bush Reserve Trails are walking distance from the main street and just around the corner from the RV Park. The reserve is a small but bountiful Bush Reserve. The reserve has over 12 native orchid species of which many are seen from July - October. The hybrid pink fairy and cowslip orchid is a species that attracts many.

Christmas Tree Well Walk

The Christmas Tree Well Walk is a relatively easy walk that is about 12km in length. Ensure that you carry with you water and the essentials. There is a picnic area near the start of a walk trail which leads to the picturesque walk through Wandoo Bushland.

Dale River Reserve

A hidden gem in the Avon Valley. The Dale River Reserve is located around 20km from the Beverley townsite off Westdale Road. Located along the Dale River the reserve is a biodiversity hotspot for birdlife and native vegetation. There are two relatively easy walk trails under 1km from the main pool site. The wildflower loop which is best to walk in August and September and a river walk.


Goomalling Heritage Walk

The area's first European settler was George Slater in 1854 and his homestead was used as a stopover by explorers during the gold rush days of the 1880s. After the railway line opened, Goomalling was established as a townsite in 1903. The Goomalling Heritage Walk, an initiative of the Goomalling Historical Society, will lead you for an hour's stroll around town and describe the history of various sites including Aerated Waters (the old cordial factory), the powerhouse and ice-works, the Goomalling Convent built in 1913 and more.


Greenhills Heritage Trail

Discover the rich history of this rural area on the Greenhills Heritage Trail. Explore the historic townsites and let the trail take you back one hundred years and more. A trail in two parts with interpretive signage at all points of interest, the main section is an inviting short 1.5 kilometre walking exploration of the present-day hamlet of Greenhills. A short 3 kilometre drive takes you to the old townsite section of the trail which centres on St.Andrew's Church at the crossroads of Penny Drive and the York - Quairading Road. Find out more.

New Norcia

New Norcia Heritage Riverwalk

The New Norcia Heritage Riverwalk is a self-guided walk exploring the historical, spiritual and Indigenous heritage of New Norcia. Learning is a cornerstone to life in New Norcia and the self-guided River Walk is your opportunity to explore the rich and fascinating history of this unique community. The distinctive interpretive trail signs along the walk, guide you on a journey through New Norcia’s heritage highlighting points of interest and providing insight to life in the community over the past 170 years.

New Norcia Self Guided Trail

If you're looking to explore New Norcia outside of a guided tour, follow your own with the New Norcia Self Guided Trail which will take you to some of the towns major sights including the Art Gallery, where European religious art in the grand style hangs alongside contemporary Australian religious art; the Abby Church, which houses one of only two large Moser organs crafted in Germany and imported to Australia in the 1920s; the Museum Gift Shop, offering a delightful range of locally sourced produce and an assortment of religious items and souvenirs; and the Mission Cottage and Mission Cottage Interpretation Centre.


Toodyay Heritage Walks

Toodyay is one of the oldest inland towns in Western Australia and much of its heritage is preserved. The Living History Walk Trails take you on a path of discovery of the town's rich history. There are four trails and maps can be picked up from the Toodyay Visitor Centre. The four trails will take you past some of Toodyay's most iconic historic landmarks including Connor's Mill, Butterly Cottage, St Stephen's Anglican Church and Newcastle Gaol Museum. Starting at the Toodyay Visitors Centre, the Convict Depot Walk explores the history of Toodyay's Convict Hiring Depot. Learn about the convict system in WA and the stories of the people connected to the depot.

Bilya Walk Track

The Bilya Walk Track follows the Avon river for 7.2km from Duigee Park to Nardie Cemetery in Toodyay. There is a grand array of birdlife and scenic vistas of the Avon River. The diverse range of habitats provide for an exquisite range of wildflowers with some unique species. Created by the Toodyay Friends of the River this marked and signposted walk track follows the western bank of the Avon River for 6.5km from the Toodyay Caravan Park to the Nardie pioneer cemetery. It is the best way to access river viewpoints, especially at Avon Descent time. Picnic facilities and seating have been installed along the way. Allow at least 2 hours one way. Conditions may vary according to the season. Bilya means river in Noongar language.The Avon River (Gulgulga Bilya) is a place of great cultural significance to the Ballardong people. Please respect the environment and wildlife. 

Wongamine Reserve

A series of medium difficulty tracks through the Wongamine Reserve. The perimeter walk is 6.5 kilometres long and consists of dirt tracks and firebreaks. Historically used as a watering/stopping place, and for timber and gravel extraction, Wongamine Reserve is now used for conservation purposes. With its northern extension and Shire managed adjoining western portion the reserve boasts a range of diverse vegetation. Species include the Mottlecah which has the largest Eucalypt flower in the world, Brown Mallet, Drummond’s Gum and fine examples of Salmon Gum in the Toodyay Shire. In spring wildflowers of all kinds abound. Walking access in the reserve is facilitated by the many fire breaks. Forest Rd is a designated Flora Road with a sign-posted pull in bay. Take care when exploring the reserve as it has gravelly slopes and steep gullies.

Dawn Atwell Nature Reserve

The Dawn Atwell Nature Reserve is 85 hecatres in area and has a five kilometre easy walk around the perimeter. The reserve protects a range of pristine native vegetation from Banksia Woodland in the sandy eastern part through to Jarrah, Marri and Powderbark Wandoo. The reserve is easily accessed from Julimar Road with a parking area, picnic table and interpretive signage near the corner of Parkland Drive. The fire breaks and tracks are ideal for walking and the terrain is relatively flat. There are two tracks that run across the reserve that can be used as shortcuts from the main track. This reserve is renowned for its wild flowers with over a hundred species recorded there from the endangered Star Sun Orchid Thelymitra stellata to the spectacular Banksia menziesii, Fire Wood Banksia. Some 33 bird species have been observed here.

Rugged Hills Reserve

Rugged Hills Reserve has a challenging walk trail 7.5 km around the perimeter. There are beautiful views year round and wildflowers in Spring. Access to this reserve is via Ridley Circle. The perimeter walk is approximately 8 kilometres but you can shorten it by taking the fire break that runs through the middle of the reserve. There are some steep hills that take you to beautiful views, especially from the eastern end of the northern boundary. Varied vegetation with Wandoo, Jarrah and Marri. Lots of wildflowers in spring. Plenty of bird life and good chance of seeing the elusive Black-gloved Wallaby and Euro.

Majestic Heights Reserve

The Majestic Heights Reserve walking trail is a moderate 2 kilometer track that ends with a spectacular view. Park off Sandplain Road in an area marked with a “Passive Recreation” sign (approximately 500m from Folewood Road). In Spring this area boasts an impressive carpet of everlastings. Follow the fire break as it winds its way upwards through woodland to reach Stirlingia Drive. Over the road the track continues steeply through fire ravaged, regenerating vegetation. Head towards the NBN tower. From that point you are treated to a spectacular view of Knockdomine Hill and Mt. Nardie (350 m). Millard’s Pool on the Avon River is also visible. Return along the same route admiring the views down the Avon Valley towards the National Park. You will be treated to many wild flower blooms in spring.

Panorama Reserve

Panorma Reserve has a short 1 km uphill walk to an enjoyable view over the Clackline Railway line. Access to this hidden reserve is from Panorama View off Salt Valley Road. The entrance is very narrow but there is room for parking. Follow the fire break on the western boundary around until it terminates overlooking the historical Clackline Railway line and enjoy the view from here. The terrain is dirt tracks with slopes. The reserve abounds in spring wildflowers and provides important habitat for many bird species. Salt Valley Road also has a great display of wildflowers during the Spring season. 

Pelham Reserve

Rising up the slopes, overlooking Toodyay is Pelham Reserve. Wander through the 6 kilometres of walking tracks to discover the various historical points of interest, and vast stretches of everlastings. Pelham Reserve totals more than 50 hectares with five walk tracks covering over six kilometers. Walkers are advised that these tracks are steep in places and may have a gravel surface, so please wear appropriate footwear and exercise due care. The Lookout at the top of Duke Street provides views across the town and valley as well as a chance to visit the Drummond Memorial Garden, first developed by the Toodyay Naturalists' Club in 1969.

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York Walks - Grand Designs

The Grand Designs Walk looks at the pubs and parapets that give York's main street its unique character. A short walk down Avon Terrace, York's main street, will reveal an architectural time capsule of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. From the original part of the Castle Hotel built in 1853 to the grand symbol of Edwardian opulence that is York Town Hall, everywhere you look oozes historic charm in this unspoilt country town. It's unique ‘step back in time’ with all the contemporary convenience of shops, pubs and cafes en route!

York Walks - Hidden Gems

Tour the undiscovered jewels of York's side streets on the Hidden Gems Walk. Starting from York Visitor Centre in the Town Hall, the walk has been designed so that you can do as much or as little as you wish in a series of loops. Peace Park, Avon Park or the Bushland or RSL Gardens make great picnic and rest stops en route. The whole route is 2.8km. For shorter walks, cut through at Settlers House and Post Office laneway to do top half loop of 1.8km or bottom half loop of 2.1km.

York’s Giant Christmas Card Trail

Once upon a time, there lived a giant who needed somewhere to put his Christmas cards. Discover where he put them, all over the quaint historic town of York on the Giant Christmas Card Trail! This trail provides a short walk or all cards can be seen by driving via nearby streets. There's a glimpse of detail from each card here to give you a clue, but you'll need to visit to see the real thing. These cards are totally unique and are supersized reproductions of nineteenth century cards in the York Residency Museum collection.

Convicts and Crossings

Follow the footsteps of York's convicts and those who lived there in the convict era on the Convicts and Crossings Trail. Feeling intrepid? Cross the river via a suspension bridge or the ancient ford in summertime. The main points of interest of this walk trail include the suspension bridge, Residency Museum and many more! This is one of three historic walks offered in York - why not do them all!

Avon River Walk Trail and Janet Millett Lane

Commencing at the historic swinging (suspension) bridge, this 3.4-kilometre walk trail meanders along the Avon River and features fantastic views towards Mount Bakewell. Parking is located on Lowe Street at Avon Park, which is also the start of the walk trail. Toilets, barbecue facilities and playground areas are all within close proximity to the trail's starting point.

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