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Things to do in Fremantle

Discover what's on in the bustling, dynamic port city of Fremantle.

There’s always plenty of things to do in Fremantle. Just 30 minutes from Perth City, Fremantle is renowned as Perth's Old Town, full of vibrancy, colour and culture. The streets buzz with the song of buskers, the sidewalks fill with a wild collection of art and the music that floats out from trendy cafés and bars. Spend a night or two with an excellent selection of accommodation options ranging from friendly backpackers to luxurious hotels.

What to do in Fremantle

  • Enjoy a coffee along the 'Cappuccino Strip' or trendy Wray Ave, South Tce and High St.
  • Potter through the Fremantle Markets.
  • Enjoy street food at one of the outdoor food markets or food trucks.
  • Enjoy fish and chips at the Fishing Boat Harbour and stroll along the boardwalk to Bathers Beach.
  • Go underground on the fascinating Fremantle Prison Tunnel tour.
  • Visit the WA Maritime MuseumWA Shipwreck Museum and Fremantle Arts Centre.
  • Feast on the local flavours and indie vibe at one of the many restaurants and cafés.
  • Sample boutique beer at one of the great micro-breweries.
  • Find fashion, unique and eclectic shopping, original artworks and quirky gifts.
  • Enjoy a swim at beautiful Bathers Beach - WA's first licensed beach area.
  • Take a stroll to South Fremantle and discover street art and murals.
  • Explore shops, galleries and cafes in the historic West End.

Getting Around Fremantle

Fremantle is one of the easiest cities in the world to explore by foot or bike. All leading attractions are located within walking distance of the Fremantle Train Station and visitors can also hire a bike from the Fremantle Visitor Centre or join a guided tour.

Dining, Entertainment and Attractions in Fremantle

Fremantle's streets are abuzz with pubs, small bars, restaurants and cafes that are full to the brim with patrons from across the globe. Stroll down the 'Cappuccino Strip', Wray Avenue and South Terrace for lively cafes or check out one of the stylish micro-breweries offering an incredible range of tasty amber ales.

Fremantle's multicultural mix is most evident in its dining scene. A strong Italian influence has produced a vast array of pizza and pasta restaurants while Asian, Indian and a whole host of other cuisines can also be found nestled among Fremantle's winding streets. You'll also find some of the state's most popular seafood restaurants dotted around Fremantle's colourful Fishing Boat Harbour - the perfect place to sample the Indian Ocean's bounty.

Fremantle has a wonderful nightlife with several clubs, pubs and bars that play live music until the early hours. If you have the energy by the time you leave the clubs, the cafés will be open for a morning coffee.

Arts and Shopping in Fremantle

Art lovers are catered for in Fremantle with arts and cultural experiences ranging from gallery displays to Indigenous designs and street art on the sidewalk. Fremantle is also home to Notre Dame University Australia, whose investment in, and restoration of, many fine old buildings has brought new life to the West End, as students from all over the world fill its streets. Fremantle also has seven days a week shopping, allowing visitors to relax over a cup of coffee before going in search of innovative fashion or a special gift from Fremantle's quirky shopping precincts.

Shoppers love Fremantle for its funky Australian fashions and independent designs. With young and upcoming designers choosing Fremantle to launch their stunning new designs - there are around 50 boutiques crammed into Market and High Streets. Don't miss the vibrant weekend markets for the freshest of fruit and veg, as well as an eclectic mix of buskers, stalls and goods. Even if you don't buy anything, an afternoon pottering through the markets is enough to forget your everyday worries.

Historic Fremantle

Fremantle, steeped in Western Australia's pioneering history, offers a captivating journey into the past. The Round House Precinct, featuring the distinctive 12-sided Round House Prison built in 1831, stands as a testament to the state's convict heritage. Adjacent to the prison is the "Whalers" tunnel, providing a historical passage from Bathers Beach through the hillside to the town. Fremantle Prison, constructed by convicts in the 1850s, serves as a premier heritage attraction, welcoming visitors to explore its history through a number of engaging tours.

The maritime allure of Fremantle adds another layer to its historical tapestry. The Western Australian Maritime Museum documents the state's maritime history with world-class displays, including the iconic Australia II yacht, winner of the 1983 America's Cup. Meanwhile, the Western Australian Shipwreck Museum on Cliff Street showcases artifacts from the infamous 17th-century Dutch Batavia shipwreck, providing a fascinating glimpse into tales of bravery, survival, and mutiny. Fremantle's boat-building prowess is showcased through historic sailing ships, with opportunities for visitors to experience life aboard an 1850s-style barquentine tall ship with Leeuwin Ocean Adventure.

Delving further into Fremantle's heritage, the Fremantle Arts Centre housed in a convict-built neo-Gothic style building from 1860 offers gallery spaces, a cafe, and a gift shop, all within a fascinating heritage site with a history as a lunatic asylum and shelter for homeless women. To unravel the secrets of old-time Fremantle, embark on a guided tour, exploring the city's heritage buildings and streets in a non-traditional and immersive way.

Learn about Western Australia's pioneering history in Fremantle. Experience extraordinary stories of convict prisoners, maritime heroes, murderous mutineers and pioneering settlers. Known as the world's best preserved example of a 19th century port streetscape and boasting Western Australia's largest collection of heritage listed buildings, Fremantle possesses a depth of character that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Fremantle Public and Street Art

Its people are innovative and passionate creators of music, art and personal expression. See the statue of CY O'Connor down at the entrance to Victoria Quay. Take a trip down to Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour to admire the bronze fishermen and make sure you don't miss the memorial statue of Bon Scott - lead singer of the band AC/DC, and arguably Fremantle's most famous son.

Some cities paint over their street art, while others embrace it. This city recognises the incredible contribution that street art makes to the colour, energy and atmosphere of the town. Take a selfie with a giant numbat or be blown-away by the creativity on display at the East West mural in South Fremantle.

Things To Do Beyond the City Centre

Outside Fremantle's city centre you'll find gorgeous beaches and walking and bicycle trails meandering along the sparkling waters of the coast and the river's edge. South Fremantle with its calm beaches and restaurants has emerged as a vital part of the Fremantle experience and in East Fremantle you'll find river walks, parks and restaurants. Leighton Beach and Port Beach are famous for their long stretches of white sand and beachside cafés while North Fremantle is a haven for cafés, restaurants and live music bars.

Click here to download a map of Fremantle. Copies of this Hello Perth map can be collected at Perth Airport stands at T1 and T3, the East Perth Rail Terminal, all Visitor Centres in the metropolitan area, all Hello Perth stands, plus from over 150 locations such as attractions, hotels and car hire companies.

Eat and Drink

Fremantle's sense of community and vibrant street life make it a popular place to relax and…


Don't miss the vibrant weekend markets for the freshest of fruit and veg, as well as…


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Plan Your Trip to Fremantle

Fremantle is a unique bohemian destination with a laid-back social atmosphere. With its combination of world-class attractions, microbreweries, waterside seafood eateries, heritage pubs, cafés, buzzing markets and boutique shopping, there is something for everyone to enjoy when you visit Fremantle. Find the top accommodation, attractions, tours and things to do in Fremantle to help plan your trip.

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Discover the bustling, dynamic port city of Fremantle!

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