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Aboriginal Culture and Heritage

Discover Perth's amazing First Nation's culture and history.

Perth has an amazing First Nations history with the traditional custodians of this extraordinary place being the Whadjuk Noongar people of the Nyoongar Nation the largest Aboriginal Nation in Australia with 14 clan groups across the southern parts of Western Australia.

Local Nyoongar terms for Mt Eliza and Kings Park include: 'Kaarta Koomba' and 'Karrgatup'. Be sure to experience the Lotteries West Federation Walkway which includes a treetop walk, where you'll become truly captivated by the birds' eye view. This walk comes complete with informative plaques which open your eyes to the wonders of the region's fauna. There are also plaques with the rich history of our states First Nations people and times of European settlement.

Be immersed in the world's oldest living culture with an authentic, personal experience of Indigenous culture in Karrgatup (Kings Park). Tours and other cultural experiences are run by Whadjuk people who have a strong ancestral connection to this country and a deep understanding of their culture and knowledge of the land.

Two such tours are Go Cultural Tours and Experiences and Nyungar Tours, both providing the opportunity to walk through the Park's beautiful native flora against the backdrop of the City skyline, these uniquely Aboriginal tours includes a Dreamtime story, traditional song and Nyoongar language.

Aboriginal Experiences in Perth

Gain a greater understanding of Perth's indigenous people and culture at on a local Aboriginal tour with experienced and knowledgable guides or at an interactive cultural centre, gallery or attraction.

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