What's better than a trip to the beach in the Perth summer?

A trip where you're allowed to bring your furry best friend along. We've rounded up our top 10 dog beaches for your dog to safely run free, romp about in the waves and escape the heat with you.

South Fremantle Dog Beach:

Located in the charming area of South Fremantle, this dog beach is a favourite among locals and visitors. The beach is a flat sandy stretch with plenty of grassed area for picnics and fetch. Best of all, the waters are incredibly calm making it a great place for dogs of all size and strengths to have a dip.

CY O'Connor Dog Beach:

A little bit further down towards North Coogee, you'll find the CY O'Connor Dog Beach. Named after the famous engineer, this beach is not only picturesque but also dog-friendly. Great for an off-lead dog walk on the sand along calm waters, you'll even spot the top of the rusted hull of SS Wyola peeking out near the water’s edge.

Rockingham Dog Beach:

Situated in Rockingham, this beach is a haven for dogs who aren't fond of big waves. The expansive coastline and clear tranquil waters make it an ideal spot for dogs to run freely and splash around. There are plenty of parking spots at both ends of the beach entrance points and wheelchair beach access is available from Alexander Reserve. Stop by the doggy water bubbler for a big drink.

Riverside Gardens in Bayswater:

While not a traditional beach, Riverside Gardens in Bayswater is a riverside area that welcomes dogs. On a hot day, it provides a great chillout zone with plenty of shade and off-lead green spaces for both dogs and their owners to enjoy. The walk around the park is great and the dogs can cool off in the river. You'll also find water stations for people and pups alike, plus doggy bags and bins readily available.

Hillary’s Dog Beach:

The Hillary's Animal Exercise Park and Dog Beach gives your dog plenty of space to run and splash. With crystal clear waters and small waves, it's the ultimate beach experience for dogs. The beach is known for its extensive dog-friendly facilities and vibrant atmosphere for socialising. 

Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach:

The Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach is a 2km stretch of soft white sands with tall sand dunes and an incredible view of the Fremantle Port. On the western side of the carpark is a designated off-lead area. It's a great spot for the energetic dog and also walking distance to a few park areas and cafes. 

Shoalwater Beach in Rockingham:

Another gem in Rockingham, Shoalwater Beach provides a smaller stretch of shore but a stunning coastline for dogs to explore. Good for a shorter walk or to keep your friend from running off too far. The shallow waters make it a safe and enjoyable place for dogs to cool off.

Silver Sands Dog Beach in Mandurah:

Mandurah's Silver Sands Dog Beach is a popular destination for local dog owners. It's a serene little beach tucked away from the buzz of activity. Great for peaceful coastal strolls, the soft sandy shores and low surf create a perfect setting for dogs to play and swim in peace.

Yanchep Dog Beach:

Yanchep Dog Beach offers a more secluded experience. Surrounded by natural beauty, this beach is perfect for those seeking a quieter spot to enjoy the sun and surf with their dogs. The soft white sands stretch for 1.5km and dogs are welcome off-leash south from Nautical Court.

Point Walter Dog Beach:

Situated in Attadale along the Point Walter Reserve, this little dog beach by the river is known for its scenic views across Melville Water and spacious grounds. It's tucked away and the water stays shallow a long way out, making it a great place for dogs to stretch their legs and enjoy the waterfront.