A point in time...

Perry's Paddock is named after Jack Perry who bred racehorses there at the turn of the 20th century. The paddock was a popular venue for big sports, horse races and picnic days. The ‘bunkhouse’ was reconstructed in the early 1960s and is not the original. However, Perry’s Cottage and Stables (‘linhay’) and the ‘bunkhouse’ are representative of the lifestyle of early European settlers.

The Paddock sits within Yellagonga Regional Park, which was named in 1990 to honour Yellagonga, the leader of the Mooro people who inhabited the region north of the Swan River at the time of colonial settlement.

For local Aboriginal people the area forms part of their Dreaming. Their ancestors used the lakes and surrounds as camping, social and ceremonial areas, and as a source of food and water. In the seasonal cycle of camp movements, the Park was used as rest point between the foothills and the ocean, and between Mt Eliza and the Moore River.

Launch the AR experience to experience the fun and noise of a race day. These community events brought people from far and wide to trade their wares and cheer on the horses. Zoom in to stand right next to the track, as the horses swoosh past.