If you’re planning a day out in Perth City there’s no need to break the bank!

Perth is a city rich in art, history, and natural beauty. Fortunately, for both visitors and locals, all of this can be enjoyed entirely for free. Here we would like to share some of our favourite things that you can do in Perth entirely for free. 

1. Free guided city tours

Beginning at the Perth City Visitor Kiosk, these tours last around 90 minutes and can be self-guided or led by knowledgeable tour guides. Free guided walking tours are offered on a range of different topics, each one aims to highlight an aspect of Perth at no cost to you.  

If you want to learn more about Perth’s history why not embark on the Convicts and Colonials tour or The Big Boom Tour? These tours teach you all about the Swan River Colony and the gold rush. Or, if visual art is more your scene the Art City Tour, which showcases Perth’s street art, is a must. Expert tour guides will take you on a leisurely stroll through Perth, explaining the meaning and story behind each piece you encounter, for free.

2. Perth City’s amazing street art

Perth’s street art scene has evolved dramatically in recent years. So much so that if you spend any time walking around the city you are bound to stumble across a mural or two. A day specifically tailored to experiencing this emerging aspect of Perth’s culture is 100% free. 

Experiences a range of eye-catching sculptures, like Ascalon, which depicts Saint George’s lance and cloak after slaying the dragon. Perth boasts a diverse collection of murals, which adorn walls and buildings in both the city and Elizabeth Quay. The Black Swan in Elizabeth Quay is a work that tells the story of how WA’s native swans came to have their iconic black feathers. 

Gooloogoolup Mural | City of Perth

3. Heirisson Island kangaroos

Between East Perth and Victoria Park, right in the middle of the beautiful Swan River, is Heirisson Island. The island is home to a mob of kangaroos and a wide variety of native flora. The island provides a healthy dose of calmness and serenity, without having to leave Perth.

Heirisson Island is completely free to visit however, it remains an important site for the Noongar people so visitors should be respectful of this and endeavour to keep the island pristine. The traditional name for the island is Matagarup which means ‘leg deep’, and refers to the Noongar people who used the island as a crossing point for the Swan River. Visitors can use free BBQs, picnic tables, toilet facilities, and a children’s playground.

4. Illuminate or witness the Nyumbi at Boola Bardip

WA Museum Boola Bardip puts on a nightly projection display known as Illuminate. The museum’s old Gaol lights up each night with projections inspired by the Western Australian landscape and collections within the museum itself. The display lasts from 6pm-10:30 pm every night and is open to the public for free.

The museum also offers a unique celebration of Noongar culture every Saturday at 11:00 am called Nyumbi. Nyumb translates to celebration dance in the Noongar language and each week a different dance group performs for 45 minutes. This is one of the most engaging free events in Perth and includes a smoking ceremony and traditional dance, after which attendees are welcome to continue into the museum, where they can learn even more about the diversity of Noongar culture.

5. King’s Park picnic and guided walk

King’s Park gives visitors the best views in Perth, picturesque bushland, and the full diversity of West Australian plant life at zero cost. The park sits above both the city and the river, meaning you’ll enjoy stunning panoramic views stretching all the way to the Darling Scarpe. 

With an abundance of open grass, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a BYO picnic. There are also free guided walks, which occur every single day. On these walks experienced volunteer guides point out the unique diversity of plant life, take you on a stroll through the Botanic Gardens, and show off breathtaking wildflower displays. You’ll even have the opportunity to discover the history of the park, with guides leading you on paths that visit the various tributes and memorials dotted in amongst the captivating scenery. 

Kings Park


6. The Art Gallery of Western Australia

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is a public gallery that is free to visit. Their exhibitions are ever-changing but constantly exciting so if you’ve been before it’s well worth another visit. The gallery displays the best of local artists as well as playing host to exhibits from across the globe. Art Gallery of Western Australia invites you to explore Perth’s artistic culture with exhibits that showcase the beauty and poignancy of Indigenous history, as well as installations that allow you to touch and participate in the creative process yourself.

7. Chevron Parkland

Nestled in the heart of Burswood, the Chevron Parklands Playground stands as proof to family-friendly fun and innovative design. Boasting an expansive play area that caters to children of all ages, this vibrant oasis is a haven for both locals and visitors. The playground's whimsical structures, including towering slides and interactive water features, ignite the imaginations of young adventurers. Meticulously landscaped green spaces provide the perfect backdrop for picnics and leisurely strolls, while shaded seating areas offer respite for parents. With its thoughtful design and commitment to inclusivity, this playground is more than just swings and slides—it's a dynamic destination where families create lasting memories.

8. Perth’s foreshore path

Perth’s Swan River loop path is a 10 kilometre circuit around the banks of the river. The path is open to the public year-round and provides a great opportunity to get some exercise for free in the heart of Perth. 

Whilst completing the loop you’ll pass Elizabeth Quay, where there are plenty of places to stop for a meal or refreshment. You’ll also pass Barrack Street Jetty and the South Perth Foreshore. Both of which are great places to stop for a family photo as they provide superb views of the river and the city.

Swan River Seaplanes

9. Britannia Reserve Pump Track

Situated within the expansive Britannia Reserve in Leederville, the Britannia Reserve Pump Track stands as a testament to nature-inspired biking adventures. This scenic pump track, initially introduced in April 2019 through the Pop Up Play initiative, has seamlessly transitioned into a permanent fixture, winding its way for 1.2 kilometeres throughout the reserve. Crafted with a focus on natural materials, this track serves as an ideal haven for children of all ages to foster connections with friends, pedal through the picturesque landscape, and relish the pleasures of the great outdoors. 

10. The Missing Giant in Subiaco

Bille Bob, known as The Giant, takes center stage in an unprecedented Australian exhibition by acclaimed Danish artist Thomas Dambo, titled the Giants of Mandurah. As both an artist and environmental advocate, Dambo's work exalts the diversity, beauty, and significance of the natural world, employing recycled and locally sourced materials. The exhibition showcases several of Dambo's enchanting wooden creatures strategically placed in undisclosed spots across the City of Mandurah, with an additional one in Subiaco waiting to be found by visitors.

Giants of Subiaco

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