Rottnest Air-Taxi is a family owned and run business that has been operating for over 25 years.  Affectionately known as RAT, it is a business that specialises in the servicing of Rottnest Island, including transfers to and from Rottnest (out of Jandakot Airport, Perth) and for the conduct of scenic flights.

Using small aeroplanes, RAT staff pride themselves in making their flights available and as easily and conveniently as possible.  This means that they are available all daylight hours. It also means all transfer flights are set aside privately for the customer.  There is no sharing your flight with others, and no delays while waiting to fill the aircraft.

The RAT owners believe in providing a service that is cost effective for everyone, and they are a favourite with the locals.  They are not flashy - you won’t find fresh rosemary sprigs in the cabin – but they are friendly and reliable.  You will find a relaxed offering, a steady and well trained pilot, and a service that provides what it sets out to provide - without fuss and fanfare.

Currently RAT has four aircraft in their fleet, two 4-seaters (one to three passengers) and two 7-seaters (up to 6 passengers).  That way they are available at the best value for anything from 1 to 15 passengers. Their flights are easily booked online with a well-thought-out booking system, or just as easily booked over the phone.

While not quite an all-weather operation, Air-Taxi flights do cruise well above the ocean swell.  The flights can be surprisingly smooth when the seas are rolling and the wind is blowing, compared to ocean travel.  The direct flight from Jandakot to Rottnest Island is 12 minutes; however the option to extend the journey by adding on a scenic flight over Perth city or around Rottnest Island is there too.

10 Eagle Drive
Jandakot WA 6164

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