Off The Beaten Track WA (OTBT) is Perth’s leading premier Hiking Experience & Adventure Tour operator, providing guests with over 70 safe, fun, inclusive experiences in a fully supported environment where people from all walks of life can connect.

Experience the exceptional, from rugged coastal beauty to deep immersion in ancient forests, adventurous day tours on the water or from high in the treetops! You will immerse yourself in nature, let go of your worries, feel grounded and empowered.

Off The Beaten Track's experiences range from rugged multi-day treks along WA’s world-class long-distance trails to weekenders that highlight the best a region has to offer. They have Hike, Wine & Dine Experiences for those that like the finer things in life, or micro-adventures for those that like to keep things simple. They are incredibly diverse, but the one constant, is that all of their experiences will enrich your life!

OTBT is passionate about providing quality, unique and unforgettable nature-based experiences and are committed to best practice with all environmental aspects to ensure they leave a minimal footprint.

Restore your soul now, through connection to nature, to others and yourself with one of their experiences!

114 Wattle Road
Serpentine WA 6125

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