Dip your toe into a little art and culture on Perth’s Sunset Coast!

Vibrant beach-side murals, internationally renowned art collections, indigenous experiences and quaint early-settler cottages can all be found in this diverse region. From the street art of Joondalup to the historic gems of Wanneroo and the cultural nods all around the City of Stirling; the Sunset Coast is a fusion of creativity, heritage, and fascinating stories just waiting to be uncovered.

Public Art around the Sunset Coast

A laneway off Joondalup’s bustling Grand Boulevard is a living canvas, courtesy of the legendary street artist Stormie Mills. His massive mural injects life into this urban space. The Joondalup Library entrance gets a splash of creativity from celebrated artist Anya Brock, whose vibrant strokes adorn the high ceiling and invite visitors into a space of imagination and creativity.

Untitled by Stormie Mills - City of Joondalup
Untitled by Stormie Mills | Joondalup
Joondalup Library
Joondalup Library | Joondalup

Heading to the beach? Don't miss the car park at Marmion Beach, which has been transformed into a mesmerising outdoor gallery by the marine-inspired works of Amok Island.

Ever imagined seeing an original Warhol in Wanneroo?! The Wanneroo Regional Gallery is currently hosting the Andy Warhol ICONS Exhibition. This is part of the National Gallery of Australia’s sharing the national collection initiative. Warhol's most iconic works are on display at the free exhibition including Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell's Soup Can suite until 4 May 2024.

Marylin by Andy Warhol
Marylin by Andy Warhol | Wanneroo Regional Gallery

For those seeking adventure, the Public Art Safari Trail beckons. Grab a free map and make your own visual tour of the City of Wanneroo's murals, sculptures and more.

The City of Stirling streets are alive with colour, thanks to vibrant murals like the legendary Scarborough mural and the artistic expressions at Stirling Library and Carine Regional Open Space. Exploring Scarborough, you’ll see a new welcome “Wandjoo Mooro Boodjar” mural in a laneway opposite Livid Skate Café. Holly Ogden’s signature “Seeded Sunflowers” spread sunshine throughout Scarborough including outside Knead Bakery, C-Breez Kiosk and by the Peach Pit’s busy bar.

Even the iconic “Scarborough Gt” welcome sign is art! The silver sign welcomes people to the beach and provides a perfect spot for a photo. The retro design is inspired by Scarborough’s car culture from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

“Wandjoo Mooro Boodjar" Mural
“Wandjoo Mooro Boodjar" Mural | Scarborough
"Seeded Sunflower" Mural
"Seeded Sunflower" Mural | Scarborough
Historic Gems of the Sunset Coast

Take a wander around Wanneroo, where the past meets the present. Ever wondered what life was like a century ago? The Wanneroo Regional Museum spills the beans, offering a peek into local indigenous culture and the lives of early settlers with interactive displays.

Wanneroo Regional Museum
Wanneroo Regional Museum | Wanneroo

For a taste of old-world charm, Cockman House and Buckingham House stand as proud reminders of a bygone era, inviting you to step back to a simpler time. Completed in 1860, Cockman House is the oldest remaining house in the Wanneroo area. Once a family home, today it provides visitors with a glimpse into old-fashioned games, audio stories and hands-on activities. Open selected Sundays.

Swing by the City of Stirling, where history is anything but boring. The Mount Flora Terrace Museum, made from an old water tank, is like a time capsule of local relics and memories. Be sure to take a walk to the roof, for a stunning view of the Sunset Coast. The Mount Lawley War Memorial and Windsor Hall stand as symbols of remembrance and architectural beauty.

Mount Flora Museum
Mount Flora Museum | Stirling
The Sunset Coast’s Indigenous Culture

As you explore Perth's Sunset Coast, it's impossible not to be impressed by its rich culture. From sculptures in Joondalup to the historical haunts of Wanneroo and the cultural hotspots all around Scarborough, there’s so many ancient dreamtime stories just waiting to be unearthed.

Fun fact – the word Wanneroo is a Whadjuk Noongar word meaning “Place of Aboriginal woman’s digging stick”. You can see many examples of indigenous tools, spears and boomerangs, plus what life was like in the region before European settlers, at the wonderful Wanneroo Regional Museum.

For a live didgeridoo demonstration, be sure to book the Aboriginal Cultural Experience at Yanchep National Park. Discover the Noongar people’s seasonal movements, language, handmade tools, and how their knowledge and dreamtime stories are passed from generation to generation.

Girl walking along a boardwalk in the Yanchep National Park
Yanchep National Park | Yanchep

The Scarborough Beach Precinct is home to many public artworks that celebrate Noongar culture, storytelling, and traditions, along with the unique identity of the area. The Tjunta Trail around the Scarborough foreshore reflects the dreamtime story of missing children and the spirit woman Tjunta who finds them. Look up at the brightly-coloured “Weaving of Stories” shade sails that adorn the foreshore, by artist Sharyn Egan. They represent the colours of the setting sun over the Indian Ocean. The panels ‘stitched’ together, to show the ‘weaving’ of our stories and cultures.

At Neil Hawkins Park, on the banks of Lake Joondalup, you’ll find a life-size bronze sculpture of an Aboriginal woman, Bibulmun Yorga, wearing a kangaroo skin, and her dog (Dwerda). The sculpture by Ron Corbett represents the traditional owners of the Joondalup region, and their links to Yellagonga Regional Park.

Whether you're a history buff, an art lover, or simply looking for a cool mural to admire, Perth's Sunset Coast has something for everyone. Come for the art, stay for the culture, and leave with a newfound appreciation for the ever-evolving story of this coastal region.