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Rottnest Island Walking Trails

Wadjemup Bidi

The Wadjemup Bidi is a series of walk trails that will take you across spectacular coastal headlands, past stunning inland lakes and encounter both natural and man-made attractions along the way. The 45 kilometres trail is made up of 5 sections, each boasting culturally and environmentally significant landmarks to interpret and experience.

These connected walk trails allow you to traverse the island either in separate stages, or if you’re keen for an epic adventure, as a whole. The entire trail is 45 km, so you’ll need to spread your hike over a few days if you want to do the whole thing. There are five sections, so you can also just choose to do one or two walks during your time on the island. 

"Bidi" in Noongar means "trail" or "track". The Whadjuk Noongar are the Traditional Owners of Rottnest Island. The intricate network of trails aid to control and manage visitor impact, by connecting Rottnest Island's beautiful natural features to its cultural history in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Wadjemup Bidi project aims to raise awareness of both the environmental and cultural values of Rottnest Island. The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) is committed to ensuring the integrity of the Noongar language is maintained.

Gabbi Karniny Bidi
Distance: 9.5 km loop / 3-4 hours

Highlights: lakes system, migratory birdlife, ocean views and stunning beaches.

Karlinyah Bidi
Distance: 5.7 km one way / 2-3 hours

Highlights: spectacular coastline, native wildlife and beautiful beaches.

Ngank Wen Bidi
Distance: 7.8 km loop / 3-4 hours

Highlights: rugged and unspoilt coastline and vantage point for spotting marine life.

Warden Nara Bidi
Distance: 9.8 km one way / 3-4 hours

Highlights: Salmon Bay, WWII gun and tunnels and Wadjemup Lighthouse.

Ngank Yira Bidi
Distance: 10 km one way / 3-4 hours

Highlights: coastal views, Bickley Battery and train ride back to the settlement.

Rottnest Island Heritage Trails

The free guided walks on Rottnest Island are a great way to explore the Island's natural beauty and rich history. While exploring Rottnest Island, you will be intrigued by stories of the past and want to discover more about this very unique Island. The Rottnest Voluntary Guides offer a fascinating and educational range of free guided walking tours in and around the settlement. These tours depart regularly from the Meeting Post, located outside the Salt Store in the Main Settlement. To discover more out more about these tours visit the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association website, or speak to the Guides based in the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre.

Reefs, Wrecks and Daring and Sailors

Hear alluring tales of shipwrecks and sailors on this scenic walk to Bathurst Lighthouse. See the boathouse and replica pilot boat along the way. This 1 hour walking tour departs from the meeting post at 11am every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Vlaming Lookout and Salt Lakes Walk

Enjoy stunning views of the Island and learn about the remarkable agriculture carried out by the early settlers of Rottnest Island. From lookouts and lakes at the heart of the island, this 45 minute walking tour departs daily from the meeting post at 2:15pm.

Quokka Walk

Discover the famous marsupial unique to Rottnest Island, the quokka. Learn about this iconic and mysterious animal and watch them in their natural habitat. This 45 minute walking tour departs daily from the meeting post at 2:15pm.

History of the Settlement

See where gaolers and ship pilots lived and worked. Learn about how Rottnest became an Aboriginal prison in 1838. This 1 hour walking tour departs daily from the meeting post at 2pm.

Rottnest Island Wildflower Trails

Rottnest Island is home to around 140 native species of wildflowers. The native plants and wildflowers that are found on Rottnest Island are well adapted to the predominantly nutrient poor soils, along with the salty and often windy conditions.

Along the 45km Wadjemup Bidi, you'll see native species of plants and wildflowers including the Blue Rottnest Daisy - only found on Rottnest Island. See more about the Wadjemup Bidi below or find out more about Rottnest Island's flora here. The Wadjemup Bidi is 45 kilometres of trails made up of 5 sections, each boasting culturally and environmentally significant landmarks to interpret and experience. "Bidi" in Noongar means "trail" or "track". The Whadjuk Noongar are the Traditional Owners of Rottnest Island. Wildflower highlights include the Blue Rottnest Daisy, Rottnest Island Pine and Rottnest Island Tea Tree (Melaleuca). Find out more.

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