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Rockingham Walking Trails

Rockingham has many interesting walking trails for visitors to follow.

With sprawling nature reserves, pristine beaches and captivating woodlands, Rockingham is an outdoor lover’s dream! Discover some of the most popular walking trails in Rockingham below or click here for more.

Penguin Island Boardwalk Walking Trail

Distance: 1.7km loop | Duration: less than 1 hour
This walking trail starts at the Penguin Island Jetty, and allows walkers to experience close encounters with flora and fauna. You can pick up a map and information brochure from the Rockingham Visitor Centre. It's important to stick to the walking trails and demarcated beaches only as the island is a bird sanctuary. Find out more.

Baldivis Children's Forest

Distance: 2km | Time: 20-25 minutes | Difficulty: Easy
Baldivis Children's Forest is a unique public reserve of 49 and contains Tuart Woodlands and a conservation category wetland. Local students have played a key role in establishing plants indigenous to the area, providing a safe habitat for animal, reptile and bird species. Find out more.

Rockingham to Secret Harbour Foreshore Flow Trail

Distance: 23.5km | Time: Full day | Difficulty: Easy
This walking trail connects Rockingham to Secret Harbour and offers spectacular views from the Rockingham foreshore, passing cafes, beaches and cultural heritage icons. There are plenty of rest stops along the way. Find out more.

Nyoongar Trail - Don Shepherd Nature Reserve

Distance: 575m | Time: 6 minutes | Difficulty: Easy
Named after the Nyoongar people in Western Australia, this walking trail represents the importance of the land to its people. There are six cultural interpretive signs with artwork depicting each of the six seasons and outlining the use the Nyoongar people had for their land. Find out more.

Rockingham Waterfront Heritage Trail

Distance: 4km | Time: 45-60 minutes | Difficulty: Easy
The walk features several cultural heritage icons that though public art, interprets the community’s connections to the past and reflects the community’s relationship to the waterfront and its multicultural identity. The Derbral Nara Community Gardens, Rockingham District Historical Society Museum, Gary Holland Community Centre (Kent Street), the Wave and Family of penguins (Corner Patterson & Read Street), Catalpa, Marine Environment, Jetties and Waterfront Pioneer Rotary Public Art Walk (Esplanade Foreshore) form the flow of the heritage trail.

Rockingham Wildflower Trails

Rockingham is a true haven for nature lovers. And it isn't just the coastal wildlife that makes this region worth visiting. Travel inland to Baldivis and you'll find plenty of spots to see wildflowers in spring.

Don Shepherd Nature Reserve and Nyoongar Trail

The Don Shepherd Nature Reserve Trail is situated on the old Karnup townsite. Enter the Don Shepherd Nature Reserve Trail, and walk along the crushed limestone/mulched path to as far as Lugg Road, approximately 575 metres. Jarrah, Banksia species and Marri with an undergrowth of flowering shrubs, orchids and other wildflowers (Anigozathos manglesii; Burchardia congesta; Calectasia narragara) represents a type of bushland of the sandy coastal plain. Find out more.

Baldivis Nature Reserve Trail

At the start of this 2km trail a very colourful information panel provides an interesting read on the vegetation, birdlife and wildflowers that you are likely to see along the trail. A sandy, mulched trail leads you around the back of the Baldivis Oval with some trail markers along the way. Remnant natural bushland exists, including jarrah, sheoak and banksia trees and is protected in this fragile environment. Find out more.

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