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Perth Beaches Wildflower Trails

The inland areas of the Perth Beaches region are a hidden gem for wildflower enthusiasts, offering a captivating glimpse into Australia's natural beauty right on the city's doorstep.

From the interesting wildflowers at Lake Gwelup to the striking Yanchep National Park's Cockatoo Walk Trail and the enchanting Yanchep Rose Trail, these trails showcase a riot of colors in the Australian landscape. Explore the Coastal Plain Walk and Woodlands Walk Trail for a closer encounter with native flora, while Bold Park beckons with its diversity of plant species. Embark on a floral adventure and witness the rich tapestry of Western Australia's wildflower wonderland during Spring.

Reabold Hill Summit Boardwalk

Located in Bold Park in Floreat, Reabold Hill is the highest natural point on the Swan Coastal Plain in the metropolitan area, offering sweeping ocean views over the Indian Ocean, Perth and beyond to the Darling Scarp with glimpses of the Swan River. Wildflower highlights include the Bottlebrush and Candle Cranberry. Find out more.

Bold Park Bridle Trail

This 7km return horse trail through Bold Park bushland provides a rare opportunity to experience relative wilderness in Perth's urban area. Over 1,000 native and non-native species of flora, fauna and fungi have been identified in Bold Park. Find out more.

Yanchep National Park

Located 50km north of Perth, Yanchep National Park features a stunning array of wildflowers which can be viewed along the Cockatoo Walk Trail, Yanchep Rose Trail, Coastal Plain Walk and the Woodlands Walk Trail. Wildflower highlights include One-sided Bottlebrush, Yanchep Rose and Enamel Orchid. Find out more.

Lake Gwelup

Lake Gwelup, located in the City of Stirling has stunning Banksia and Jarrah, Marri woodlands and is surrounded by colourful flora. A multipurpose paved 2.5km path loops around the reserve, allowing for easy viewing of their wildflowers. Some species found here include Donkey Orchids, Yellow Buttercups, Swan River Myrtle, Milk Maids and more. The Wildflower Society of WA often hosts guided walks around the lake and is a great way to explore this local reserve.


Starswamp, located in the City of Stirling, is home to a diverse variety of plant species which makes it one of the most spectacular reserves to look for wildflowers.  Carnaby cockatoos are often seen feasting on parrot bush along the reserve, whilst the Quendas can be seen darting across the tracks. Some flora species found here include the Chocolate Lily, Swan River Myrtle, Common Hovea, Milk Maids, and more.

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