The House of Honey's retail shop is open 10am to 5pm and they remind customers to adhere to social distancing rules.

Enjoy a complimentary tasting of seasonal raw honey from different parts of Western Australia, or try our Mead (an alcoholic beverage made from Honey), or simply do a stopover to indulge in our honey flavoured ice cream or honey scones.


Free delivery for orders over $100 in the Metro area.

The House of Honey and the Sticky Spoon Café is located in the heart of the Swan Valley and opened in January 2010.

Beekeeper Rupert Phillips has been keeping bees for some 48 years- a passion that has followed him around the globe. Rupert’s wife Kim shares this passion- together they travel far and wide in Western Australia to harvest and showcase some of the best honey this state has to offer.

The beehives are moved at night to different locations depending upon the availability of nectar- mostly pristine native bushland populated by the many different Eucalyptus species. Each of these floral species has its own unique flavour, all of which are available for tasting. Some of these honey lend themselves to further infusions such as Lavender, Chilli, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Truffle - which further tempt the taste buds. 

As seasons vary from year to year, so do the flavours and availability of honey. A very dry year may produce more dense honey (usually in the height of summer) while spring honey may be lighter in both flavour and texture. Honey gathered in the cooler months usually crystallize or “candy” more readily than summer honey. This natural process does not mean that the honey is inedible; it merely means that the honey is pure and unheated with the goodness and nutrients intact.

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