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Julia D'Orazio

6 Ways to Have a Big Day Out in Rockingham

Rockingham may be full of natural charms and outdoorsy adventures, but there are also plenty of other experiences with the wow factor. Days out in 'Rocko' are getting bigger and better with the laidback city's impressive events calendar and unique outings justifying your next seaside staycation…

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6 Perth Small Bar Tours to Sample the City

Cast Google aside; instead, have a local show you around Perth’s exciting small bar scene. The small bar scene is booming, with cosy late-night bars found down colourful laneways, fake shopfronts, and discreet pockets within the CBD and port city Fremantle. On tour, your passionate Perth ambassador…

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Rockingham

Incredible marine wildlife encounters, golden beaches, sheltered bays, exciting eateries and adrenaline-fuelled adventures; that's Rockingham. Being only a 45-minute drive from the CBD, it is the perfect place for an urban adventure with coastal thrills found nowhere else. Here, we outline how to…

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8 Unique Things To Do In Whiteman Park

Playful pocket Whiteman Park is regarded as one of the city's premier scenic reserves, located 30 minutes north of the Perth CBD. Sprawling across 3,732 hectares, it offers many attractions that fuse conservation and heritage for all ages, surrounded by Banksia woodlands and native flora and fauna…

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6 Perth cultural tours to connect to country

Advance your appreciation for country – and our city – by joining an indigenous tour. There are many cultural tours in Perth to help guide understanding of the traditional custodians of the land, Nyoongar people, who have lived in the southwest region for over 40,000 years. Their culture is nothing…

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