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Perth Beaches Walking Trails

Discover Perth's Coastal Treasures on Foot.

Perth's beachside walk trails offer a diverse range of experiences, combining scenic beauty and rich heritage. Immerse yourself in the pristine natural landscapes of Western Australia on the Yanchep National Park Ghost House Walk, where you can explore lush forests and spot native wildlife. The Reabold Hill Summit Boardwalk provides awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and cityscape. For history buffs, the Mosman Park Heritage Trail weaves through historical landmarks, sharing tales of the area's past. With an array of coastal and heritage trails, Perth offers the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and cultural exploration for walkers of all interests.

Yanchep National Park Ghost House Walk Trail

Distance: 9.2km | Time: full day | Difficulty: Easy
The Ghost House Walk Trail takes you on a journey to discover the natural and cultural history of the wilderness areas in Yanchep National Park, an hour north of Perth. Along the way you will encounter the sights and sounds of the pristine wetlands and discover the historic remains of the 'Ghost House'. Find out more.

Reabold Hill Summit Boardwalk

Distance: 200m | Time: 5 minutes | Difficulty: Easy
Located in Bold Park, Floreat, Reabold Hill is the highest natural point on the Swan Coastal Plain in the metro area and at 85m offers sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, Perth and beyond to the Darling Scarp. The elevated boardwalk immerses visitors in the bushland expereince with interpretive signs, seating, artwork and bird-life. Find out more.

The Mosman Park Heritage Trail

Distance: 10.5km | Time: 3 to 4 hours | Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
The Mosman Park Heritage Trail explores some of the highlights of Mosman Park’s history and reveals the clues that have been left behind. The trail visits 16 sites on a walk that takes you along the river, through the bush and back into the heart of Mosman Park. Take time to explore the trail and don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenery of this unique municipality, between river and sea. Find out more.

Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail

Distance: 28km | Time: Multiple days | Difficulty: Moderate
This 28 kilometre one-way trail in the City of Wanneroo is based on the movement of Yellagonga and his people between Lake Joondalup and Yanchep. It can be completed in sections. It extends from Neil Hawkins Park in the south to Yanchep National Park in the north, traversing tuart and banksia woodland, coastal heath and former wetlands. It has red markers with a grasstree symbol and can be accessed in the following sections. Find out more.

  • Neil Hawkin's Park to Hester Ave: This land was once part of a stock route. Lake Joondalup (meaning "the lake that glistens") is a large freshwater lake that was well known to the Aborigines as a favoured camping and hunting ground. On the eastern side of the trail paperbark and shoreline vegetation dominate, while on the western side tuart, marri and parrot bush are common. The trail enters Neerabup National Park via old quarry access roads. The top of the ridge provides views to the Indian Ocean. 
  • Hester Ave to Romeo Road: The trail continues in Neerabup National Park through jarrah and sheoak. Then the vegetation changes from low banksia woodland to coastal limestone heath. From the top of the limestone ridge there are 360 degree views.  
  • Romeo Road to Yanchep National Park: The trail continues close to Wanneroo Road and this area has been severely degraded by fire and weed invasion. Then it passes close to Pipidinny Swamp and enters Yanchep National Park. There is a large grove of tuarts to the west. Once in Yanchep National Park, the track meanders near Loch McNess, which was a traditional meeting, corroborree and ritual area. 

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