Nobody should have to miss out when it comes to exploring a new place, or even their hometown.

From stargazing to seaplanes, mini-golf to museums, waterslides to wild west escape rooms, and so much more, we’ve compiled a list of Perth's best accessible experiences.

Perth Beaches  

Nobody should have to miss out on the thrill of the ocean’s cooling waves splashing against their body on a hot summer day, the tranquillity of floating in the calm salty waters, or the simple joy of feeling the warmth of the sun beaming against them from the sandy shores. 

That's why here in Perth, we’ve made sure that multiple of our beaches are accessible ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the breath-taking coastline that makes our home so special. 

Accessible beach matting can be found at:

  • Mullaloo Beach

  • Hillarys Beach

  • Leighton Beach

  • Coogee Beach

  • Swimmers Beach

Beach wheelchairs are available for hire at:

*Availability differs at each location and bookings are typically required.

Beach Wheelchair at Swimmers Beach | Mandurah
Beach Wheelchair at Swimmers Beach | Mandurah
Perth Observatory 

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids and cognitive impairments 

Discover the astronomical wonders of the universe at Perth’s Observatory. Gaze in awe at the rainbow of colours and twinkles that fill the sky, and find your curiosity filled as your guide educates you on all things out of this world. The Observatory prioritises accessibility on tours and events and has a Pantograph Telescope, that is specialised for individuals in wheelchairs or with limited movement. A limo version of a golf cart is available that can carry 10 people for guests who require assistance due to mobility issues on the day and night tours, as well as events. Due to the historical architecture of the Observatory, which dates back to the 1960's, certain areas have limited accessibility. 

Fox in a Box Escape Rooms

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids and low hearing 

Up for an immersive experience? Fox in a Box Escape Rooms are a blend of mystery, excitement, and adventure that’ll have you feeling like you’ve stepped into another world. There are several different rooms you can choose from that are suitable for visitors with accessibility needs. These rooms include:

  • Prison Break 

  • Prison Break: Head-to-Head

  • Bunker

  • Zombie Lab

  • Mastermind: A Heist Story

  • The Chamber of Lost Legends 

  • Wild West Saloon

Swan River Seaplanes

Caters to: limited mobility, low vision, low hearing and cognitive impairments 

It doesn’t get more jaw-dropping than uninterrupted aerial views of Perth’s cityscape and the glistening cyan waters of the coastline. Take an unforgettable flight with Swan River Seaplanes, where a dignified service is provided for all passengers no matter their ability. All staff have undergone disability awareness training and are available for assistance at all times. Currently, service and emotional support dogs are allowed, as well as the transportation of mobility aids and assistive devices. Services including, transportation of passengers requiring an additional seat, and transportation of companions are also offered. In great news, a wheelchair lift will be launching in September 2024.

Swan River Seaplanes | Perth City
Swan River Seaplanes | Perth City
Cockburn Ice Arena

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids and cognitive impairments

Perth's largest ice skating rink is here to help you embrace the winter chill, or escape the summer heat, whichever you prefer. During quiet sessions, wheelchairs are allowed out on the rink, as well as on-ice equipment for wheelchairs. ‘All Abilities’ sessions are run during less busy hours and are recommended for people with mobility and sensory needs. During this time, equipment including mobility hoists, a custom ice chair, skating aids and ice gliders are available for use and assistance. 

The Perth Mint

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low hearing and cognitive impairments

The Perth Mint is an experience for those interested in collecting unique and limited coins, learning insightful information about the history of Western Australia's gold rush era, as well as discovering the process of refining precious metals. This tourist attraction is an accessible place for visitors who have specific needs. Wide passageways and ramps allow for smooth navigation for those with wheelchairs and prams.

Mindful in Nature

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision and cognitive impairments

Embark on a journey of discovery and peace with Mindful in Nature’s expert-guided forest therapies that immerse you in a nature-focused wellness experience. For those with limited mobility, Mindful in Nature services often take place in natural environments with accessible pathways, wheelchair ramps and smooth trails. Forest therapy sessions can accommodate those with mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. Participants with low vision can experience the tactile qualities of nature, such as touching tree bark or feeling the texture of leaves. Additionally, guided descriptions of the environment help individuals with low vision to get the most out of the experience. Mindful in Nature’s services offer a calming and sensory-rich environment, with gentle activities and mindfulness practices that benefit individuals with cognitive impairments.

Mindful in Nature
Mindful in Nature | Perth
The Bell Tower

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision, low hearing and cognitive impairments 

The Bell Tower is one of Perth's most iconic tourist attractions. The tower houses 12 of the historical bells from the Church of St Martins-in-the-Field London, plus six additional modern bells. During your visit, witness the art of ancient bell-ringing and take in the sweeping views of the Swan River from the observation deck on the sixth floor. All levels of The Bell Tower are accessible for limited mobility needs and wheelchair users. The tour is tactile and can be adjusted for visitors with low vision and hearing. Earmuffs are available for those sensitive to noise.

Perth's Outback Splash

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision, low hearing and cognitive impairments

With waterslides, mini golf, mazes and sensory play activities, Perth’s Outback Splash is a waterpark that ensures everybody can have fun in the sun during the summer season. Visitors with accessibility needs are encouraged to purchase their tickets on arrival at the park and not online. This is because there are different levels of access across the park.

The park has created an in-depth accessibility guide which can be viewed here

The OZONE at Optus Stadium 

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision, low hearing

Step out of your comfort zone at The OZONE Optus Stadium where the HALO tour and VERTIGO experience both cater to those with limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision and low hearing. 

The HALO roof climb is a 90-minute walk around the top of what has been voted the world's most beautiful stadium. Take in 360-degree views of the Swan River and Perth city skyline, while getting some insight into the behind-the-scenes game day processes. 

VERTIGO is for those in search of an adrenaline rush. Once harnessed in, you’ll get to lean off a platform 42 metres above the stadium grounds with no handrails. 

HALO and VERTIGO are wheelchair accessible and the OZONE is a member of the Companion Card Program and therefore is committed to issuing one extra ticket at no cost to cardholders who are buying a ticket and require attendant care.

HALO at The Ozone, Optus Stadium
HALO at The Ozone | Perth City
Stories Unseen 

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision, low hearing and cognitive impairments 

Stories Unseen is a way to discover Perth on a deeper level. Providing self-guided walking and driving tours, this activity allows you to explore the hidden stories, places and spaces of the city. As it is self-guided, participants can tailor the tour to their needs, the app includes both audio and GPS guides and has been designed with accessible features in mind.

WA Maritime Museum

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision, low hearing and cognitive impairments 

For those who love all things nautical and history, you’ll be pleased to learn that the WA Maritime Museum has ensured they’re a place where everybody is included. The museum welcomes guide and assistance dogs, has wheelchair access, and audio assistance, and offers quiet times and quiet spaces. There are also sensory maps, visual stories and visual supports that can be downloaded prior to your visit. For visitors who are blind or vision impaired, there is a tour that allows participants the chance to touch, feel and examine a range of objects carefully selected from the museum’s collection.

Matagarup Mini Golf

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision, low hearing and cognitive impairments 

Matagarup Mini Golf has designed its course with everybody in mind. The front nine holes have been carefully designed to be wheelchair and pram friendly with two different routes to play on each hole, allowing for 18 holes of play. There are wide pathways throughout the venue and course obstacles have been placed strategically to ensure that everyone can enjoy their mini-golf experience.

Matagarup Mini Golf | Perth City
Matagarup Mini Golf | Perth City
WA Museum Boola Bardip

Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids, low vision, low hearing and cognitive impairments 

The WA Museum Boola Bardip is a place where history, art, culture, and scientific discoveries intertwine to tell and showcase stories of creativity, wonder and exploration. Visual supports, visual stories and sensory maps can be downloaded before your visit, allowing you to plan your day out. The museum also provides sensory backpacks, quiet times and quiet spaces, welcomes guide and assistance dogs, and is wheelchair friendly. Auslan interpreters are available upon request. 

To learn more about these offerings click here


Caters to: limited mobility, mobility aids

In one visit to the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA), you’ll explore over 12,000 km of Western Australia's unique coastline across 45 fascinating exhibits. 

AQWA has ramped entry and exit points for wheelchairs, accessible parking, and lift access to the Shipwreck Coast; it's important to note that larger, modern wheelchairs and mobility aids may not fit. The maximum width of the moving walkway is 1.2 metres, and the stationary platform is 1.1 metres. The Marina Bay aquarium is accessible, however, access requires staff to open a gate, which can be requested at reception.  

For those who prefer a quiet, low-sensory environment, or more space to get around, AQWA recommends planning your visit from 1:30 pm to avoid the business of the morning.

AQWA Tunnel
Aquarium of Western Australia | Perth

There you have it - our pick of Perth's must-do accessible experiences! Whether you're looking for a relaxed day by the beach, a fun activity with friends or an adrenaline packed experience, all can be found in the beautiful Perth region.