Ready for insider tips on Perth’s Inner City?

We’ve got the best bits, unmissable moments and fave dining haunts! Give your Perth travel itinerary an edge and listen to the locals on this one.

If you’re planning a trip to Western Australia you’ve landed in the right place! Perth’s Inner City is the best locale to start your exploring. Every street has a story and every corner a new adventure. From hidden bars to serene green spaces, Perth’s vibrant heart beats with an eclectic mix of culture, nature, and gastronomy. 

Enjoy these insider tips from local culture lovers and foodie fanatics. We’ve covered every major precinct in Perth’s Inner City - so you can explore and experience it all like a local!

Perth City
Elizabeth Quay | Perth City
Perth City

Perth’s city has the energy, entertainment, and experiences that make for an unforgettable day out. It’s the ideal place to start exploring, with easy public transport and accommodation to suit any budget and lifestyle.

Adie who runs ‘Oh Hey WA Walking Tours’ traverses Perth's city streets day in and day out. She recommends visitors wander the city to explore laneways brimming with stunning murals, stumble upon cosy hidden bars, or dine at top-tier restaurants that promise an unforgettable, lush lunch or romantic dinner. From the native greenery and history at Kings Park, to the vibrant Perth Cultural Centre and relaxing riverside walks, the city offers a surprising blend of nature and urban life.

Adie's Must Visit Spots: 

  • Kings Park: Discover WA war time history, enjoy the panoramic city view and enjoy the wildlife with a cheeky picnic stop.
  • Perth Cultural Centre: The heart of Perth's arts and culture scene plays host to world-class museums, galleries, and live performances for all ages.
  • Riverside Drive: Stroll along Riverside Drive to enjoy breathtaking views of the Swan River and the city skyline - get your steps up or cycle your way through.
  • Elizabeth Quay: This bustling waterfront vista offers a blend of dining, entertainment, and leisure. The carousel is a must-do experience.
  • Northbridge: Explore a lively cultural district with diverse restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and cutting-edge arts. Plan to Uber or taxi - you’re in for a late one!
  • State Buildings: This historic landmark has been beautifully restored to house luxury hotels, bespoke boutiques, and gourmet eateries. Stay, dine and indulge.
Exterior of The State Buildings and COMO The Treasury, Perth City
The State Buildings | Perth City
  • London Court: Step back in time as you wander through London Court, a charming open-air shopping arcade with Elizabethan architecture, shops, and quaint cafes.
  • St George's Cathedral: Take a photo of this architectural beauty and enjoy the serene ambience of St George's Cathedral.
  • His Majesty's Theatre: Catch a world-class performance at His Majesty’s Theatre, a historic icon known for its stunning Baroque interiors and brilliant shows.

In Adie’s words: “Discovering Perth (City) is like unwrapping a present—you never know what art piece or quaint cafe you'll find next. It’s this blend of surprises that makes the city truly enchanting,” Explore Oh Hey Walking Tours here.

Oh Hey WA
Oh Hey WA | Perth City

Subi (as the local’s call it) is a leafy, central suburb only a 7-minute drive or train ride from the city. It’s seen somewhat of a renaissance in the last few years and is punching above its weight with a phenomenal food scene, competitive coffee culture and incredible fashion brands and boutiques.

Susanne from ‘The Vibe Hotel’ loves Subiaco's impressive small bar scene and mix of high-quality coffee shops. Compare the brews and find your fave! Subiaco combines the sophisticated charm of French bistros and bustling markets with the laid-back allure of WA, offering an experience that caters to both the laid-back and the urban explorer.

Susanne's Must Visit Spots: 

  • The Regal Theatre: Catch a show at this renowned vintage theatre in Subi.
  • Storehouse Restaurant & Bar: Enjoy rooftop views, high quality food, and award-winning cocktails.
  • Shui: Moody, delicious and addictive Asian food. Try the chef’s banquet.
  • The Subiaco Hotel: An iconic and historic Subi must-visit for coffee, food, and chats.
Exterior of the Subiaco Hotel in Perth City
The Subiaco Hotel | Subiaco
  • Dilly Dally: An Italian menu with beautiful interiors to enjoy with a quick bite, graze, or long lunch.
  • Lums Wine Bar: A boutique wine bar to please even the most discerning tastes.
  • Spirit of Little Things: This hidden away, boutique gin distillery has a fun and eclectic courtyard that is great for a tasting! 
  • Subi Farmers Market: Every Saturday sees Subiaco Primary School come alive with fresh produce, entertainment, and plenty of local art stalls. Kids and adults alike love this day out.
  • Mystery Picnic Date: Make the day an adventure and book an experience filled with food, fun, and intrigue. Memorable and different!

In Susanne’s words: “Subiaco is a canvas of cultural experiences — from the hidden bars to… the bustling markets, every moment here is worth savouring,” Discover more about The Vibe Hotel in Subiaco here.

Vibe Hotel
Storehouse Restaurant & Bar, Level 9, Vibe Hotel | Subiaco
Victoria Park

A 10-minute drive from the city leads you to this fun and eclectic urban precinct! A visit is not complete without dropping into Optus Stadium to see a sports match and watch the brilliant light shows. Explore further and stroll the art-filled streets, window shop the boutiques, or choose from the many eateries boasting every culinary category you can imagine. The epitome of food for the soul!

Paul from Up Close and Local Tours paints Victoria Park as a vibrant, multicultural neighbourhood. Known affectionately as ‘Vic Park’, this area boasts the longest cafe and restaurant strip in the city, offering cuisines that reflect its diverse community. The local scene is punctuated with festivals, street art, and an engaging community vibe that welcomes all.

Paul's Must Visit Spots: 

  • The Albany Highway ‘Vic Park Strip’: An eclectic mix of restaurants, cafes, and bars, offering a taste of the world in the heart of Victoria Park.
  • Nyungar Tours: Experience the rich Indigenous heritage of Perth with Nyungar Tours, where knowledgeable guides share fascinating stories and insights.
  • Optus Stadium: One of Australia’s premier sports and entertainment venues, offering insider access via guided tours. See a game before wandering to The Camfield for a feed.
View of Optus Stadium with the Perth Skyline and sunset in the background.
Optus Stadium | Burswood
  • Sanctum: This hidden gem serves up innovative coffee creations and artisanal treats in a relaxed, welcoming setting.
  • Dutch Trading Co: An award-winning gastropub known for its vast selection of craft beers and lively atmosphere. Perfect for beer aficionados.
  • Colaba Social: Savour the flavours of Mumbai at Colaba Social, where Indian street food meets a funky, contemporary bar scene. Great for a group!
  • Frank’s Barbecue: Relish authentic American-style barbecue at Frank’s Barbecue, where slow-cooked meats and homemade sauces promise a mouthwatering feast.
  • Social Manna: Pop in for a bougie brunch scene. The creative dishes and a lively community vibe make it a favourite local haunt.

In Paul’s words: “Vic Park is a melting pot of cultures and flavours, making it the perfect place for explorers looking to taste their way around the world in just a few blocks,” Join one of Paul’s Up Close and Local Tours here.

Paul - Up Close & Local Tours
Up Close and Local Tours | Victoria Park
South Perth

You can’t leave Perth without a visit to the South Perth foreshore. Take the ferry ride over for added fun! Gain a whole new perspective of the stunning city skyline, explore family-friendly open green areas, and lunch on local produce. 

Matt of Gogo Active Tours describes South Perth as a tranquil retreat from the city's hustle and bustle, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It's a place to enjoy stunning views of the city skyline from the riverfront, indulge in top-notch dining at places like Mr. Walker, or discover the local charm of Angelo Street’s cafes.

Matt's Must Visit Spots: 

  • Mr. Walker: Waterfront views and a diverse menu - can’t go wrong!
  • The Boatshed: A must-visit for foodies. Gourmet food and stunning city views.
  • Angelo Street cafes: Embrace cosy coffee culture with freshly made treats.
  • Perth Zoo: Enjoy a family day out exploring the fascinating wildlife and interactive exhibits.
Perth Zoo
Perth Zoo | South Perth
  • The Good Grocer: An institution and a local favourite! Enjoy high-quality, fresh local produce, and gourmet products.
  • Mends Street: Stroll down Mends Street, and explore a lively hub of shops and eateries - perfect for a leisurely afternoon. 
  • South Perth Foreshore: Relax, ride, or take a scenic walk to soak up iconic city views. Plus there’s plenty of playgrounds to stops at.

In Matt’s words: “South Perth offers the perfect blend of relaxation and vibrant city life. It’s an oasis where tranquillity meets cosmopolitan bustle,”. Find out more about Gogo Active Tours here.

Matt - GoGo Active Tours
GoGo Active Tours | Burswood

Leederville is a central precinct that’s as diverse as it is welcoming. Enjoy easy public transport and plenty of parking. The main strip can sustain a full day from dusk till dawn. Treat yourself to a full Aussie breakfast and brilliant coffee, before meandering through laneways and streets that will have you stopping to explore every few steps!

Ella-Maree from The Leederville Precinct describes Leederville as a dynamic mini-city, with energy, and diversity. Known for its vibrant nightlife, Leederville is a hub for foodies, art lovers, and shoppers alike. From cutting-edge cafes serving gourmet breakfasts to late-night venues offering live music and films, Leederville promises a fun and trendy night or day out.

Ella-Maree's Must Visit Spots:

  • Rosemount Hotel: Get your a music fix at this expansive live music bar.
  • Braithwaite Park: Take the kids out for an immersive play date with nature.
Braithwaite Park
Braithwaite Park | Mount Hawthorn
  • Urban Records/Urban Depot: This is one for the collectors. Head in and explore their vinyls range for a unique shopping experience. 
  • The Garden: The perfect spot to gather with friends and enjoy a relaxed pub atmosphere.
The Leederville Precinct
The Leederville Precinct | Leederville
  • Luna Palace Cinemas: Nab tickets for the latest indie films at this historic cinema. 
  • Servo: Craving a bite of inventive cuisine? This venue is perfect for a date or night out with mates. 
  • Niche Bar or Hip-E Club: Embrace some late-night dancing and epic tunes at Leederville’s iconic hot spots.

In Ella-Maree’s words: “Leederville is where Perth’s heart beats the loudest. Whether you’re sipping a morning latte or dancing away at midnight, the energy here is infectious and the options endless.” Explore The Leederville Precinct and plan your visit here.

This journey through Perth’s Inner City with our local experts reveals the best, beautiful places to explore on your next visit. Whether you’re new to Perth, or you're coming back to explore further, these inner-city neighbourhoods have it all. Plan your visit now and experience the uniqueness of Perth first-hand!