A point in time...

During World War II, 600 men of the 10th Light Horse made their home in the bushland of Wanneroo.

Strategically located between the ocean and Pearce Air Base, the proud men of the 10th and their mounts played an important role in protecting the shores of Western Australia from the threat of enemy sea attack.

The regiment first camped in Wanneroo near the town centre, but later moved to the site of today’s commemorative trail. 

In 1941 the Commonwealth Government passed a law requiring all men aged 20 years and older to register for military service. Those lucky enough to pick a winning ticket were drafted into the 10th Light Horse Regiment. Enlisted men were asked to provide their own horse if possible and the Army then trained the men for three months. The camp was code named ‘Brad’.

On 14 April 1944, the men of the 10th handed in their saddles and gear, said farewell to their horses and prepared to ship out to other units. It was the final camp site for Australia’s last wartime mounted regiment.

The camp ground site still bears the distinctive horse lines and camp ground foundations. 

The 1.2km trail is located just north of Flynn Drive and Neerabup Drive on the Wanneroo Road and provides a lasting tribute to the 10th Light Horse. The trail has a number of interpretive signs throughout the grounds, which provide further information and insight into life at the camp ground for the soldiers and horses.

The AR experience brings to life the scale and layout of the entire campground and can be viewed on any flat surface or floor and allows you to explore the various key locations, such as the farriers tent site, the quarter master’s store and cook house. Zoom in to check the out the tents and watch out for the horses having a quick saunter round the camp.