Stargazing and Astronomy Adventures Await in Perth.

Travel from city lights to starlight, and along the way discover charming country towns, local produce and adventure experiences. The stars are not far away! With the charm of the countryside and some terrific night time experiences, you’ll soon be mesmerised. 

Take a trip to some of Perth's stargazing hotspots including, the Chittering, the Perth Hills (where you'll find the Perth Observatory), the Avon Valley and Moore River (home to the Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory). See what stars you can see in Perth throughout the year below.

January to April

After a stunning ocean sunset, stick around to see Jupiter! It’s the brightest star-like object visible above the western horizon in the early evening in January.

When it gets darker, turn your gaze to the east. The constellation of Orion and Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, are high above the horizon.

May to August

Travel to the outer regions of Destination Perth for the Milky Way season! The Milky Way rises from the south east before stretching high across the night sky by mid year. In the heart of the Milky Way try to find the “Emu in the Sky”. This special Aboriginal constellation is made up of the dark areas of the night sky. May is also a great time for a dark sky to count “shooting stars”!

See the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower in early May. Look to the east. A meteor or “shooting star” can be as small as a grain of sand. It burns up upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere causing a bright streak of light to appear in our night sky.

September to December

By September, the Milky Way is pointing down to the south west before it can be seen setting on the western horizon in October.

Watch out for satellites that look like dim stars moving slowly and steadily across the sky. The best time is the hour or two after sunset. On a moonless dark night, see if you can find two fuzzy clouds above the southern horizon.

You’ve just spotted the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds, two galaxies in our neighbourhood and only visible in the Southern Hemisphere.

Perth's Stargazing Hotspots

When you want to see the Milky Way in all its brilliance, the stars will be at our fingertips just an hour or so from the city. Try your hand at astrophotography or take a pair of binoculars to take a closer look at the stars.

Perth Stargazing Trails

Discover the best places to see the stars close to Perth. Head out to the Perth Hills to explore the stunning Darling Range on the City Lights Star Lights Trail or follow the scenic tourist drive to Chittering and west to Guilderton on the Country to Coast Starlight Circuit.

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Stargazing Events in Perth

Observatories and Stargazing Tours

Visit an observatory, join a stargazing tour, or get in touch with local stargazing groups to start your stargazing adventure in Perth. Or check out our blog about where to stargaze in Perth.
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Nature and Wildlife Experiences

Perth is sprawling with stunning nature reserves, marine parks and forests where you can get up close to our stunning flora and fauna all year round.
Swan Valley, Caversham Wildlife Park

Nature and Wildlife Attractions

From wildlife parks and zoos to nature reserves and parks, there are plenty of places to visit in Perth to get back to nature.

Nature and Wildlife Tours

Experience our unique wildlife and stunning forests and flora up close on a nature and wildlife tour.

Swim with dolphins tour, Rockingham Wild Encounters

Nature's Calendar

WA boasts spectacular natural events and attractions. Occurring at particular times or seasons of the year, these natural events offer unique opportunities for visitors to be touched by nature. 

Quokka, Rottnest Island

Wildlife Encounters

Perth and surrounds boasts diverse wildlife experiences and natural wonders to discover. From marine life to marsupials, there are a range of unique wildlife encounters on offer.

Serpentine Falls

National, Nature and Marine Parks

Discover some stunning scenery on offer in the national, nature and marine parks of Perth and surrounds which you can explore by foot, bike, or snorkel!

Bibbulmun Track, Mt Vincent, Mandurah and Peel

Perth Walking Trails

Perth is the perfect destination for setting out on foot! Most of the tracks and trails can be easily explored in one day and others can take several days. 

Rottnest Fast Ferries, Whale Watching

Whale Watching 

Off the coast of Perth, you can join whale watching cruises to see Blue Whales from March to April and Humpback Whales from September to November.

Wildflower Trails, Perth

Wildflowers Season

Enjoy WA's precious natural treasures at a number of sights around Perth and surrounds from September - November.

Stargazing in Perth

Travel from city lights to starlight, and along the way discover charming country towns, local produce and adventure experiences.