Mandurah and Peel provide an exquisite range unique wildflowers.

From the Yalgorup National Park near the coast, to Serpentine National Park inland, you'll find some stunning walks to see wildflowers such as Kangaroo Paws, Pink Fairy Orchids and Hibbertia.

Yalgorup National Park Trails

Yalgorup National Park has several easy walks (below) and is known for its variety of vegetation and diverse geographical features, tuart trees and wetlands. Travel along the Old Coast Road to Preston Beach Road to access the park. Wildflower highlights include Hibbertia, Pink Fairy Orchids and Cockies Tongue. Find out more (PDF).

Lake Pollard Trail

A 2-hour walk begining at the entrance to Martins Tank campground on Preston Beach Road. Lake Pollard is renowned for its high numbers of black swans between October and March and walkers can see Parrotbush, cockies tongues, Christmas tree (which blooms from December) and the rough-barked Fremantle mallee.

Heathlands Walk Trail

A 2-hour walk that explores the many different vegetation types of Yalgorup National Park, from the towering tuarts to the delicate flowers of the limestone ridges. Walkers will see swamp banksia, the rare limestone mallee and the Fremantle mallee.

Lakeside Loop Walk Trail

A 2-hour that explores Lake Clifton - it contains the largest known community of living thrombolites in the southern hemisphere and is an important refuge for waterbirds. Walkers will notice the difference in the vegetation on both sides of the track from the Paperbark trees next to the lake edge to peppermint and tuart trees on the other side, as well as the honey myrtle.

Serpentine National Park Wildflower Trail - Peel

The Serpentine National Park, 50km east of Perth, protects nearly 4300ha of area home to a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. The park is particularly spectacular during spring when the wildflowers are in bloom. Follow the Serpentine River where you'll see Wattle, Kangaroo Paws, Hakea, Hardenbergia, Chorizema, Verticordia and Orchids. Find out more.

Wildflowers, Perth

Perth Wildflower Trails

There are more than 12,000 species of wildflowers in WA, making it the world's largest collection. Enjoy these precious natural treasures at a number of sights around Perth and surrounds from September - November each year. The wildflowers are best seen on a wildflower trail.

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