Celebrate the opening of Perth Festival 2022 in immersive and unforgettable style.

Over two magical nights the quays, docks, warehouses and beachfront of Fremantle will undergo an extraordinary transformation. Music, stunning light installations, mass community participation, performance, food, dance, ceremony and mayhem fuse into a joyous affirmation of belonging.

Escape celebrates the ocean and the diverse voyages, cultures and experiences that define us here in Western Australia. From the Noongar stories that enter from the western horizon to the waves of subsequent migration, from sail to steam, from convicts to Irish revolutionaries, from the flowering of Mediterranean cultures to the contributions of the African diaspora, to the greatest escape of them all – the Catalpa rescue.

Escape is a feast for the eyes, ears and heart. Be part of this free, action-packed experience built by the extraordinary team that brought you Boorna Waanginy.

A Perth Festival Commission

Various venues in Fremantle
Opening Times
From 7.30pm
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