The colours of the bush are brightening with yellows and pinks! The world of wildflowers is vast. Did you know that you might be walking straight past some of Western Australia's most beautiful orchids when you go for a bushwalk, they can be tiny and camouflaged.

This tour with Salt and Bush Eco Tours is a great intro to the world of wildflowers right here on the Swan Coastal Plain. The winter rains have given rise to the most wonderful time of the year – Wildflower Season. It doesn't last long so be quick to get outside and marvel at nature’s beauty pageant. The colours and shapes and sizes and unique flowers of Western Australia's bushland are a sight to behold.

Be guided through a nature reserve that has more than 50 species of orchids and wondering intact woodlands that are filled with colour at this time of the year. You won't be overwhelmed with scientific names (unless you want them), but the guides will point out beautiful easy to miss orchids and wonderful wildflowers that are feeding the birds, bees and insects in this most bountiful time of the year.

The 2-hour wildflower tour will open your mind to the amazing flora in the Peel Region and includes morning or afternoon tea.

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