IOTA21, the first Indian Ocean Craft Triennial announces 37 lead artists in its international exhibition and a rich festival program of over 30 exhibitions and events in Western Australia, involving over 200 artists working in craft.

Excitement is brewing for the first rendition of the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial, a new arts festival that celebrates our everyday rituals and preoccupations through the medium of craft and the handmade.

The international exhibition of significant works by 37 lead artists will be presented at two locations: Fremantle Arts Centre and John Curtin Gallery. A further 30+ exhibitions and activities will be presented by major institutions, galleries and art spaces in collaboration with a multitude of individual craft artists and craft-specific groups, in response to the umbrella theme of ‘Curiosity and Rituals of the Everyday’.

  • Over 200 craftspeople, designer-makers and artisans are making work for the first IOTA21, due to take place in Western Australia from September to November.
  • 37 artists from 8 Indian Ocean countries are making works on a grand scale for the international exhibition, in collaboration with a further 100+ artisans.
  • Stories of our everyday rituals and contemporary preoccupations will be captured within the handmade, revealing the ubiquitous nature of craft in all our lives, past, present and future.

Hand making and crafting of objects – for utility, adornment, daily rituals, worship and special occasions – have been part of our lives for millennia. These objects are the receptacles of culture, familial histories and integral to our everyday lives. The practices associated with crafting materials – such as clay, glass, fibre, wood and metal – are shared across cultures and offer avenues for communities to sit down and share in a common language.

IOTA21 will take place at various locations in Perth from September - November 2021 with the central exhibition presented at Fremantle Arts Centre and John Curtin Gallery, where you will experience significant installations by 37 artists from 8 countries. Visit to view the program and key artists.

Image credit: Andile Dyalvane, 2020. Photo: Adriaan Louw. Courtesy Southern Guild and Friedman Benda.

Various venues in Perth
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