A pretty little thing like Perth deserves you on your A-game—mountains of courage and a mood that says: let’s bounce out the door of a flying plane. The unfathomable madness of it all!

It’s time to spread your wings and plummet towards the middle of the Perth CBD at around 200kms an hour. With a racing heart and wild mind, you’ll freefall for around 60 seconds before your parachute opens for a 5-7minute descent back to reality. With jaw-dropping aerial views of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, Rottnest Island and Perth city all at once, Skydive Perth City is confident this is the best view on offer in all of WA. Then relive the thrill with their awesome skydiving video and photo packages.

Their Perth City dropzone will land you right amongst the towers, the ONLY skydive on offer in the heart of Perth CBD. Join Skydive Perth City in Langley Park adjacent to Swan River; this is their meeting spot before they transport you to the airport so the skydiving games can begin. Time to warm up your squeal sound!

Skydive with the best: best views, best locations, best customer service and the best instructors. You're in safe skies with the Skydive Australia crew, so step outside your comfort zone and push personal boundaries with a skydive experience you'll remember forever.

Langley Park
East Perth WA 6004

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