Looking for adventure and adrenaline rushes?

What would make you happier than jumping on your quad bike and taking off for 1.5 or 2.5 hours riding?

Meeting at Pinjar Motorcycle Area only 35 minutes north of Perth CBD, you will receive a safety briefing before heading out onto the tracks. Your friendly guide will lead you through all the twists, turns, jumps and dips.

Get your adrenaline pumping nonstop as you ride through the different types of track surfaces such as sand, gravel, mud and red ground. The tracks and their difficulties are tailored according to your abilities.

With proper preparation and a confident spirit, you can negotiate your way in and around the landscape, emerging with lasting memories of you and your mean sport quad bike ruling the park for two and half hours straight!

Perth Quad also provide motocross hire and lessons for first time or experienced riders. Book a tour now and enjoy the best outdoor activity in Perth.

Pinjar Motorcycle Area
Wattle Avenue East
Nowergup WA 6032

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