Mindful in Nature offers nature-based mindfulness experiences including retreats, nature journaling workshops and forest therapy.

Forest therapy, or forest bathing, is a translation from a Japanese word Shinrin-yoku. It is about “taking in the forest atmosphere through all your senses”. Forest therapy combines mindfulness techniques and the therapeutic powers of being in the natural environment. This has a positive effect on your mood, stress level, powers of concentration and creativity. It has also been shown to assist with depression and anxiety.

Take a guided walk in the forest to restore your sense of deep calm. Your guide helps you focus on slowing down and awakening your senses. She invites you to relax, slow down, become present and connect with nature.

Mindful in Nature seeks to enrich people’s life through a combination of mindfulness training and building stronger connections with our natural environment.

Join us to connect with your inner and outer nature.

Kulunga Grove
Kings Park WA 6005

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