Goolamwiin, based in Mandurah, is owned and operated by Trevor and Kerry Stack. The business was formed in 2018 to help strengthen individuals and communities through an understanding of each other’s cultures showcasing Nyungar culture in the tours, experiences, training workshops and programs delivered.

Their range of services include On Country cultural day tours and overnight camping experiences south of Mandurah on the Goolamwiin property in Yalgorup National Park (Mandurah South); a Mangala coastal walking tour in Halls Head; Koorlangkas (children’s’) cultural reconnection program; Aboriginal cultural awareness training; cultural supervision and youth mentoring programs; performance groups; art, jewellery and sand art; and a range of cultural consultancy services.

Goolamwiin is a ‘Quality Accredited Tourism Business’ and ‘China Ready and Accredited’ tourism business. Owners, Trevor and Kerry are highly experienced professionals and are leading the way with a strong family business model that will offer a diversified portfolio of services with training and employment opportunities for future generations.

Various locations in Mandurah
Mandurah WA 6210

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