Stargazing and astronomy adventures await you at Stargazers Club WA. The Club welcomes non-members and visitors from out of town to their regular events and activities in and around the Perth region.

Stargazers Club WA is a friendly community of stargazers & astronomy lovers. They thrive on making astronomy for beginners easy & a whole lot of fun! Special events explore stargazing, astronomy, telescopes, binoculars & astrophotography for beginners.

With Stargazers Club WA, you'll learn more about the night sky, gain confidence with telescopes & binoculars and discover hints & tips to make stargazing easy and more enjoyable for you.

Do you want to marvel at the night sky & learn about what you're seeing?
Perhaps you want to learn how to take epic photographs of the stars?
Or do you have a telescope but don't know how to use it properly?

Whether you are on your own, with friends or have a whole family of curious star gazers, it's now easy to kick-start your new hobby with Stargazers Club WA.

There is nothing more reinvigorating than heading outdoors, leaving your computer screens and city lights behind for the mesmerising dark night skies, it’s guaranteed to blow your mind!

It's a great social club where you’ll meet like-minded people of all ages along with local amateurs who share a passion for stargazing.

Events are held north of the Swan River and the Club travels to close dark-sky locations in Perth surrounds for special stargazing nights.

The Club is run by passionate stargazer and dark-sky advocate, Carol Redford. Carol and the Club are working to promote and protect WA’s world-class dark night sky where the glorious Milky Way can be seen from one horizon to the other.

Visit our website to find out more about their events and activities and to book tickets for your stargazing adventure.

Various locations in Perth
Perth WA 6000

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