Kidogo Arthouse is the premier hub for all things arts and entertainment at Bathers Beach, Fremantle.

The building is a majestic 1884 heritage listed limestone construction with a beautiful courtyard and deck overlooking Bathers Beach.

Kidogo Arthouse holds a multitude of fascinating events all year round, including exhibitions, concerts, classes and most recently, Candlelit Soirées featuring a three-course menu and incredible live music. It is also a popular venue to host weddings and private functions due to its ideal location and sheer grandeur of the building.

The space is often transformed to adapt the look and feel of the season’s events, adding variety to the existing atmosphere of the space. The venue has long been a favourite amongst local artists and is on its way becoming an icon of the WA music scene, with the increasing number of coveted international and local musicians performing at the gallery.

Kidogo Arthouse
Bathers Beach
Fremantle WA 6160