Looking for a good night out but want to stay inside? How about being trapped inside?

Escape rooms are popping up all around Perth and it's no wonder why. The thrill of banning together with friends under the clock to solve an immersive challenge is exhilarating (and maybe stressful) fun. So if you're looking for a fun game with friends, a group function or even a first date, escape rooms are exceptional memory makers and here we've rounded up our top picks in Perth.

Escape This, Northbridge

One of the most popular escape room spots in Perth, Escape This in Northbridge is well known for its mix of adventure and horror-themed escape rooms. For first-time players and young families, The Wizard's Chamber is clever, atmospheric, and a good balance of not-too-hard, yet not-too-easy. For a serious challenge, the Dracula room boasts a 10/10 difficulty rating with a 1% escape rate. And if you were after something extra fear-inducing, one of their escape rooms is two-player only and is called Buried Alive. Need we say more? 

Escape This Perth

Escape This, Perth

Due to its popularity, Escape This has opened up a second location right in Hay St Mall in the Perth CBD. There are plenty of spooky and adventurous themes to choose from with plenty more coming soon. Our personal picks are The Legend of Captain Nemo, if you want to escape from an atmospheric 20,000 leagues under the sea, or Bank Heist, because who hasn't imagined how they'd pull off a bank heist? For a super fast-paced 30-minute game, try President's Briefcase. Instead of exploring a room looking for a way out, your focus will be centred entirely around a briefcase for some tense fun.

Escape This Perth

Realmz Escape Game, Morley

Realmz is the brainchild of WA creator Glenn Martin who has had over 15 years experience working in film and entertainment and 10 years in the electronic engineering industry. With an incredible eye for detail and a background in special effects, animatronics and model making, Glenn brings to life a truly unique and interactive gaming experience. Realmz offers up real life fantasy worlds for you to explore as you and your team navigate your futuristic spaceships or decipher historical codes to solve the puzzle. You won’t find a single padlock in any of the games as the puzzles and props are all custom designed and built to match the theme for maximum immersion.

Realmz Escape Game

Hijinx Hotel, Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Just in time for school holiday delights, Perth welcomes its very own Hijinx Hotel. With extravagantly decorated challenge rooms and a balcony bar with ocean views, this fully immersive experience is set to be a crowd-pleaser.

The evocative candy-coloured venue is nostalgic and whimsical reminiscent of a retro New York-style hotel. Upon arrival, teams will be assigned to a set of 5 random challenge rooms. Each room within a set is designed for 2-6 players, and your group must score as many points as possible within 4 minutes, before moving on to the next room. Afterwards, why not sip on a cocktail at the full-service balcony bar to wind down?

Hijinx Hotel joins the league of Funlab's other renowned venues, including Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, and Holey Moley, all located in the lively Karrinyup Shopping Centre. 

Hijinx Hotel Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Glowing Rooms VR Escape Rooms, Hamilton Hill

The creators of Perth's beloved glow-in-the-dark mini golf experience, Glowing Rooms, have introduced an exciting line-up of VR Escape Rooms.

This cutting-edge venue combines the immersive power of virtual reality with the challenge of escape room puzzles. Collaboration is key as you and your team navigate the virtual world to unravel clues and solve mysteries against the ticking clock. Be transported to alternate dimensions that transcend the traditional escape room, think crawling through ventilation tunnels, safely getting past giant fan blades, using a rope trolley in a flooded cave, or climbing up through the inside of an ancient temple!

Glowing Rooms 3D Mini Golf | Fremantle

Planning for an Escape Room:

Assembling your team: Most escape rooms are suited for groups of anywhere from 2-8 people, but it's important to check beforehand. The more people you have, the more minds to work together. But also the more people rummaging around an enclosed space

Book in advance: Due to their popularity, it's wise to book your escape room ahead of time. Check for special group rates or date-night packages to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Pick a theme that fits your group: Make sure to read the room and choose escape rooms that are appropriate for the age and skill levels of your team. 

Arrive early: Make sure to arrive early to ensure your whole team is ready. Don’t be late as time slots are usually back-to-back. This even gives you time to figure out your game plan. 

So, gather your friends, plan a date, and get ready for an escape room experience like no other!