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Discover the Avon Valley’s treasures on foot!

The walking trails in the Avon Valley offer a mix of natural beauty, historical sites, artistic flair, and architectural gems. Meander amongst dense bushland, along the Avon River, and atop peaks such as Mount Brown, all whilst encountering the local plants, and native wildlife along the way. History buffs can stroll through quaint old-world townships, step into the stories of ancient settlements, and admire the colonial-era buildings that exude a timeless charm. Meanwhile, those with a creative spirit can revel in the abundance of public art installations and vibrant murals that adorn the towns, adding a splash of colour and character to the journey.

Whether you're seeking adventure, tranquillity, or a deeper connection with nature and history, the walking trails of the Avon Valley promise a diverse experience for all who wander its paths.

Dawn Atwell Nature Reserve, Toodyay

The Dawn Atwell Nature Reserve is 85 hecatres in area and has a five kilometre easy walk around the perimeter. The reserve is now filled with over one hundred species of wildflowers. Check out the trail here.

Wongamine Reserve, Toodyay

A series of medium difficulty tracks through the Wongamine Reserve. The perimeter walk is 6.5 kilometres long and consists of dirt tracks and firebreaks, stunning and diverse  wildflowers are present throughout Spring. Check out the trail here.

Toodyay Wongamine Nature Reserve

Majestic Heights Reserve, Toodyay

The Majestic Heights walking trail is a moderate 2 kilometer track that ends with a spectacular view. In Spring this area boasts an impressive carpet of everlastings, all year round you can see spectacular views of Knockdomine Hill, Mt. Nardie and Millard’s Pool on the Avon River is also visible. Check out the trail here.

Toodyay Living History - Yellow Trail

Toodyay’s Living History Walking Trails are self guided walks through the historic townsite of Toodyay. The Yellow Trail is a 1.5 kilometres loop that crosses the train line to the War Memorial then goes up the to Newcastle Gaol Museum Precinct and back past the Newcastle Shool. Some of the significant buildings have QR code plaques, which you can scan using a smartphone for further interesting and historical information. A brochure can also be picked up from the Toodyay Visitor Centre. Check out the trail here.

Toodyay Gaol

Toodyay Living History - Green Trail

Toodyay’s Living History Walking Trails are self guided walks through the historic townsite of Toodyay. The Green trail follows the main street and goes past buildings such as Connor's Mill, Demasson's Store and Ellery Arcade. Check out the trail here.

Toodyay Living History - Orange Trail

Toodyay’s Living History Walking Trails are self guided walks through the historic townsite of Toodyay. The Orange trail is an extension of the Green trail and follows the main street towards Perth to the Catholic Precinct. Check out the trail here.

Bilya Walk Track, Toodyay

The Bilya Walk Track follows the Avon River for 6.5 kilometres from the Toodyay Caravan Park to Nardie Cemetery. It tracks along side the river behind Town out to secluded bushland and features The Bird Hide, and Millard’s Pool. This track is marked and signposted.  Check out the trail here.

Dorntj Koorliny Track, Northam

The Dorntj Koorliny (Walking Together) track is a 17.5km loop that follows the Avon River. For those not wanting to do the entire loop, walkers can enjoy shorter sections of the trail which features parklands and bridges. The trail is most scenic in the winter months, but can be subject to flooding. There are many bridges for crossing the Avon River throughout the trail, and you might see some white swans! Check out the trail here.

Northam White Swan

York Walks - Grand Designs

A look at the pubs, parapets and historic places that give York’s main street its unique character. A short walk down Avon Terrace, York's main street, will reveal an architectural time capsule of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. From the original part of the Castle Hotel built in 1853 to the grand symbol of Edwardian opulence that is York Town Hall, everywhere you look oozes historic charm in this unspoilt country town. Check out the trail here.

York Walks - Hidden Gems

Tour the undiscovered jewels of York’s sidestreets and enjoy a picnic in one of the parks and gardens along the way. Many more heritage buildings can be found by those who wander a little further than York's main street. You'll also find a surprising community Bushland Garden with over 400 native flora species; churches, schools and evidence of trades and industries past. Check out the trail here.

York Walks - Convicts and Crossings

A versatile trail that can be walked (or cycled) in short or long loops, with the river crossings and facilities in Avon Park being fun for families with children. Set off along Avon Terrace and cut through the laneway to the river beside the Courthouse and Post Office. Choose the longer option to visit the Residency Museum and St.John's cemetery, via Clifford street which has a number of 1850s/60s Pensioner Guard cottages. Check out the trail here.

York Swing Bridge

Vincent Street Heritage Walk, Beverley

This award-winning trail guides you on a tour of the stunning heritage buildings in Beverley,  using augmented reality, is an easy urban walk down the main street. Take a stroll and learn about many places of cultural significance in this country town. Check out the trail and download the app here.

Brooking Street Reserve Trail, Beverley

The Brooking Street Reserve Trail is a short bushwalk in the sheoak woodland reserve and is walking distance from the main street of town. The small but abundant reserve sees over 12 native orchid species through the months from April to November and is a great area to spot rare orchids. Check out the trail here.

Beverley Wildflower Orchid Brooking St Reserve

Beverley Play Trail

​This play trail follows eight (8) points in the town of Beverley and highlights historical sites, community assets and beautiful public art. It is a trail for the whole family to enjoy! This walk will take around one and a half (1.5) hours to complete, and is two and half (2.5) kilometres return. We suggest visiting the Beverley Visitor Centre along the way to learn more about the town. Download the Play Trails app to get started.

Beverley Art Trail

​The Beverley Art Trail is a trail around the town centre to all galleries, studios, murals, sculptures, theatres and venues in town. The trail is approximately 2.5 km return from the Beverley Visitor Centre. Download the map here.

Beverley Visitor Centre