Perth is certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful golden beaches!

And we're known for some of the most glorious coastlines in the world. But if you know them well enough, they all have their individual perks and over time you’ll tend to know which beach is your favourite.


Scarborough is the home beach for many Perth people, making it one of the most popular destinations for weekend visits and early morning walks. Each year, Scarborough hosts volleyball competitions like SLAM and music events like Sets on the Beach, along with smaller local concerts and competitions. Scarborough Beach is known as WA's home of the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, great surf and an easy-going nature that welcomes families and friends for the summer.

Did you know that Scarborough Beach will be given a major facelift, beginning in 2016? This will include new shopping locations, public facilities and an expanded dining precinct, along with many other features important to the community. This active beach invites families and friends to enjoy the music and sporting events in a safe environment.

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City Beach

For a hassle-free day out at the beach with friends, City Beach is the place to go. City beach is charming and known for its warm, approachable waves. It is also located centrally with great parking facilities, taking out all the worst parts of going to the beach.

Why not enjoy a delicious beach BBQ while you're there? There's nothing better than eating a hot dog and watching the sun set over the ocean after hours of frolicking on the soft sand or swimming in the deep blue water.

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Considered one of the most iconic Perth beaches, Cottesloe Beach has a relaxed amphitheatre-style grassed area for enjoying the scenery. This Perth beach is accompanied by the award winning Cottesloe Beach Hotel as well as a variety of other cafes and restaurants, perfect for grabbing a coffee, munching on fish and chips, or a sipping on a pint to help you get your energy back after going for a refreshing swim or run.

Every year, Cottesloe Beach hosts the Sculpture By The Sea, which showcases fascinating art for Perth and its visitors. This is the sister event of Bondi Beach's Sculpture by the Sea. Like this Sydney event, Sculpture By The Sea never fails to capture your imagination and transport you to a different place.


The jewel of Perth, Trigg Beach hosts some amazing underwater sights, with a reef that opens up some great surf, making it awesome for fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

A small strip of sand will handle all sandcastle and dad-burying needs. More adventurous families can try their hand at snorkelling in Mettams Pool, where you can see schools of fish and a beautiful bed of coral.

Trigg is also known for being the most consistent surf beaches in Perth. There are waves for all levels, whether you’re a pro or just starting out. Trigg can also get windy making it ideal for windsurfing.


Hillarys is the beach to go if you're looking for a variertyvariety of things to see and do, places to eat and enjoy the coastline. Take your partner or your family for a journey to Hillarys Boat Harbour with an unrestricted choice of restaurants, bars and cafes along the boardwalk. You can keep a reasonable distance from sand and water, but still enjoy the views of a perfect beach sunset.

Hillarys Boat Harbour is one of Perth's more relaxed locations, excellent for lazing about on a shaded grassed area. Kids can be entertained at The Great Escape or on the Hillarys playground. After working up an appetite, they will enjoy munching on churros or slurping down a sweet ice cream with all the sprinkles and extras they could ask for.

Why should your four-legged friend miss out on all the fun? Hillarys Beach is known for being the best Perth dog beach. With only small waves and regular maintenance, you know your dog will enjoy themselves in a safe, clean environment.

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Cool off on Perth's Sunset Coast this summer

Now that summer has once again graced us with its presence, it’s the best time to make your way to your favourite Perth beach. Perth beaches are regularly patrolled by Surf Life Savers between the months of October and April for the safety of you and your children. By following their instructions and rules, you can be enjoy yourself with the knowledge that your family is in safe hands.

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13th Jan 2016


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