The kids might not want to go home! 

Holidays with the little ones can be stressful there is no hiding that, but the trip can be made a lot better if you know that there will be lots of fun options for the kids when you arrive.

Not only can you enjoy time out in the sun and at Perth's award winning beaches, but now you won't even need to leave the Perth City to have some fun on your next trip to Perth. With newly developed world-class playgrounds and ample food and drink options Perth has turned into a kid wonderland - one that is surely going to make it hard for the kids to leave.

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

May Drive Parklands

One of many popular playground and picnic locations within King Park. Predominantly suitable for kids 6+ with an elevated walkway and island fort the May Drive Parklands is a must for all family visitors. The most popular attraction of the playground though are the massive large-scale replicas of extinct Australian mega fauna and an interactive water misting forest. Directions

Rio Tinto Naturescape

A relatively new addition to Kings Park family lineup is the Rio Tinto Naturescape, one of the world's leading nature spaces for children. Rio Tinto Naturescape is a place for children to get away from their digital worlds and connect with nature and learn to appreciate the unique Western Australian environment. The uniqueness of the park will ensure hours of fun and we’d also recommend a spare change of clothes incase your kids decide to get wet. Please note it is imperative that you plan your visit carefully before arriving at Rio Tinto Naturescape. The playground is closed all February and on days when a very high fire danger rating or above is forecast. Please regularly visit the Kings Park and Botanic Garden notices boards section for current information that may impact your visit. Directions

Kings Park Lookout

Located near the State War Memorial, the Kings Park lookout is a must for any family or for that perfect family photo and or selfie with the Perth city backdrop. The open space and grassed areas are ideal for families to relax with a picnic while you take in the stunning city views. Directions

Yagan Square


Rooftops in Perth are normally reserved for pubs or rooftop movies - not at Yagan Square though. The Playspace playground at Yagan Square is Perth’s first rooftop playground at it is spectacular. Making the most of Perth’s abundance of sunshine, the Playspace at Yagan Square is a softfall land full of hills and mountains for your little ones to run around and explore. But that’s not all - off the back of the success at Elizabeth Quay's water park, Yagan Square also has a water play space ensuring that your little ones can keep cool on those warm Perth days. Directions

Elizabeth Quay

Island Playground

Quite fitting given it’s prominent position right on the Swan River, the Island Playground is a maritime-themed playground that has been designed again to align with nature play. The key feature of the Island Playground is the giant wooden fort. Your kids will love to climb the ropes, ringing bell and walk the plank. The kids will be able to play in the sand pits, enjoy water play, walk the plank and more. Directions

Elizabeth Quay Carousel

All the way from Italy… yes Italy, the Elizabeth Quay Carousel is a must for any visitor. Just how special is it? The Carousel is crafted by the same people who built the carousel in front of the Eiffel Tower. This majestic beauty features hand painted horses, carriages and artwork with music that promises a truly magical experience for children and of course adults. The carousel runs 7 days a week 10am to 6pm, however services are dependant on weather conditions to please visit for updates. Directions

BHP Billiton Water Park

It's no secret that Perth can get quite warm during spring and summer season. So if the temperatures rise and the beach seems like it's too far or hard to reach then the BHP Billition Water Park is a perfect alternative to keep the kids cool in the city. The main attraction of the water park is the interactive water feature that uses jets and lighting to create fun and exciting water choreography - keeping kids entertained and soaked for hours. By day bring a picnic and a towel to splash around and by afternoon/night as the sun goes down take in the magical kaleidoscope of the coloured jets. Located next to the Elizabeth Quay train station the water park is in prime location for easy access. Click here for more details. Directions

There is so much more to see and do for families in Perth. For the full list of family activities and events visit Destination Perth - Family Fun page.

Published on

30th May 2019


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