It's Pizza Day on 9 February, and you know what that means... Visiting a Perth pizzeria is mandatory for all who love them, which is pretty much everyone.

When the Romans began adding toppings to focaccia, they couldn't have dreamed of the global food sensation that would grow from that simple idea. It was in Naples that flatbread with toppings really caught on and pizzas became a thing, with the first dedicated pizzeria opening there in the early 18th century. 

Originally, toppings were usually garlic, basil and cheese. Then the margherita pizza was invented in Naples to honour the Queen Consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, using the colours of the Italian flag - green basil, white mozzarella cheese and red tomatoes.

Today, you can add almost any topping to pizza bread and still call it pizza. Even the bread itself has diversified to include wholemeal, vegan or gluten free pizza, thin, thick or cheese-filled bases, and many more variations on a very successful theme.

So to help you celebrate Pizza Day, this article guides you to the best pizza in Perth with seven of the most popular pizzerias spread around town. There are many more great Perth pizzerias - start with one of these seven to guarantee an excellent Pizza Day!

1. Manuka Woodfire Kitchen
Address: 134 High Street, Fremantle
Pizza to try: Blue manna crab, fennel, spring onion, chilli oil, parmesan*

Owner and chef Kenny McHardy cooks with fire! Bringing Michelin-star restaurant experience to Fremantle, he opened Manuka Woodfire Kitchen with his wife in 2015 and still creates the pizzas himself. 

Skilfully crafted woodfire pizzas are the way to go if you want a truly authentic Italian taste, so no wonder this rustic chic restaurant has rapidly become one of the most popular Perth pizzerias.

Like all good eateries today, Manuka's pizzas are topped with local, seasonal ingredients sourced from sustainable farming. This means the menu will change as available produce changes, a reassuring message for those who appreciate top quality fresh food.

Adopting a warm Italian style, the couple have created a relaxed and welcoming space, with an alfresco area to chill out with a glass of local wine, beer or cider. Manuka serves a range of delicious share plates and mouth-watering desserts, as well as the highly regarded pizzas. 

Plan a day in Fremantle, allowing plenty of time to meander around the galleries and shops, soak in the ocean at Bathers Beach and Fishing Boat Harbour, or explore the stunning WA Maritime Museum

If Italian cuisine tops your list, have a look at Fremantle's Gusto Italiano Trail for more places to find a warm welcome and authentic home-cooked food. 

2. The Dough Room
Address: 4A Davis Road, Attadale
Pizza to try: Pizza bianca with wild mushroom, ricotta, provolone cheese, truffle oil, thyme*

The Dough Room is a refreshing pizzeria cafe with long wooden tables and a dedication to real Italian cuisine. The contrast of modern urban design with raw brick simple lighting mirrors an authentic 'family recipe' approach combined with experimentation. The result is a menu that sits right up there alongside the best pizzas in Perth. 

Like Manuka, The Dough Room opened in 2015 with the intention of focusing on quality and craft. A key difference is that owner Eric Bambaci believes in importing most of his ingredients from Italy, including the dough flour, to ensure genuine flavours of the highest standard. A short list of pizza bianca options will appeal to those who enjoy a break from the traditional tomato base, while highly recommended on the dessert list is the Nutella calzone! 

The Dough Room is BYO, which helps to keep the overall cost down, and pizza delivery is offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Located in the south bank suburb of Attadale, this excellent Perth pizzeria is a couple of minutes' drive from the stunning Swan River walks around Blackwall Reach, Point Walter and Attadale Reserve. The bushland and views make it hard to believe you're in Perth metro - take a camera, look out for dolphins and enjoy walking off your lunch!

3 & 4. Theo & Co
Addresses: 838 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park (BYO) and 147 Oxford Street, Leederville (licensed)
Pizzas to try: Nonna's home-made Italian meatballs, rich tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, onions, mozzarella, parmesan, parsley, or stone-baked pizza with spicy Calabrese pork sausage, cherry tomatoes, ricotta, fresh local mozzarella*

Theo Kalogeracos has created some of the best pizzas in Perth with his adventurous menu, his skill and courage winning him lots of media attention and awards. His creations have multiple influences, from the tastes of Chicago and Texas to his homeland of Greece and the tricks passed down by Italian nonnas.

The extensive menu has several meat-based and some seafood and vegetarian toppings, imaginatively put together. As well as our recommended pizzas to try, there's the award winning prawn pizza - a must for seafood lovers. The prawns are marinated in garlic and pesto, and topped with prosciutto, mozzarella cream sauce and parsley.

Ask about the award-winning Greek lamb pizza and the Johnny Cash 'ring of fire', piled with chillies and Calabrese sausage.

Special treats for dining in only are the stone-baked pizzas, wonderfully soft and light, the skillet pizzas, cooked and served in a cast iron skillet, and 'grandma style pizzas', using focaccia style dough. Even the simple margherita pizza is exceptional here, and yes it's won an award too!

Theo's pizza dough is made fresh each day, and there are vegan options and gluten free pizza bases available. You'll find some off the best dessert pizzas in Perth at Theo & Co too; just make sure you save some room!

There are two Theo pizzerias in Perth - in the hip suburbs of Victoria Park and Leederville. Due to their popularity, you'll need to book or arrive early, and remember to BYO if you want a glass of something with your pizza.

5. Ischia Ristorante
Address: 2-4, 500 Beaufort Street, Highgate
Pizza to try: San Marzano tomato sauce, San Daniele prosciutto, mozzarella burrata, parmigiano, fresh basil, EVOO*

This popular restaurant specialises in woodfire pizzas and other traditional Italian cuisine from Ischia in the Gulf of Naples. This alone makes it worth a visit to sample some unique flavours put together by owners Sebi and Daniele Conte, brothers who grew up on the island.

The authentic approach to reproducing Ischian cuisine stretches to the huge Italian-built pizza oven and the genuine warm hospitality extended to guests. Ingredients are sourced locally and from Italy to achieve the optimum balance of freshness and quality. 

While there's a long list of starters, salads, pasta dishes and mains, Ischia's aim is to serve the best woodfire pizzas in Perth. The gourmet section lists an exquisite collection of toppings with mouth-watering ingredients like Calabrese Ventricina salami, porcini mushroomos, cream of truffle, provola affumicata (smoked mozzarella), caramelised onion and fresh basil. 

The pizza bianca and rossa options are equally delicious, including some tasty vegetarian and seafood combinations. This is also probably the only pizzeria in Perth offering pizza by the metre! Choose from 0.6m with up to three toppings, a 1.2m strip with up to fur choices, or a whopping 1.8m pizza with up to six ingredients. 

To finish off, try the dessert pizza - a calzone with Nutella, strawberries, banana, cinnamon sugar and honey.

Enjoy the stroll along buzzing Beaufort Street and around gorgeous Hyde Park (five minutes' walk from Ischia), or relax and opt for pizza delivery, available via Deliveroo, 


6. Rossonero
Address: 18 Lyric Lane, Maylands
Pizza to try: Pizza bianca with bacon, sliced potatoes, feta, apple, thyme, butterscotch sauce*

The Maylands strip of quirky shops, cafes and galleries between the railway and Guildford Road is a lesser-known gem worth exploring on your way to or from the Swan Valley

Rossonero, tucked away in Lyric Lane, is typical of the easygoing approach in this little enclave. The airy 'warehouse' space doesn't pretend to be anything other than it is, with polished concrete floor, brick and wood structure, and naked light globes - a no-nonsense backdrop for warm hospitality that makes you feel instantly at home. It's BYO too, so you'll save on the drinks.

This Perth pizzeria steers away from the woodfire method and traditional combos, lightly baking the dough to a soft golden colour and adding some unexpected ingredients. Consider mixing brussels sprouts with pancetta and mozzarella, or adding honey to a mix of hot sopressa (salami), tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and chilli. 

Other unapologetic combos are the Yellow Submarine with artichoke, red peppers, gorgonzola, olives, pesto and yellow pepper cream base, and The Bram with pancetta, pear, brie, bocconcini, garlic base and balsamic glaze - kaleidoscopes for the taste buds! 

Gluten free pizza bases and vegan cheese are available on request.

7. Canteen Pizza
Address: 110 Marine Parade, Cottesloe
Pizza to try: fior di latte, garlic rosemary potatoes, gorgonzola, San Marzano pancetta, parmesan, basil*

Enjoy your pizza beach-side with a glass of excellent wine. Canteen is right on the Cottesloe oceanfront strip, serving up Neopolitan woodfire pizzas and stunning views. This lovely Perth pizzeria, created by the talented souls behind Il Lido, reflects the beach lifestyle with white walls and chairs, bleached wood tables and a fresh, easygoing ambience.

Canteen prides itself on the home-made pizza dough, which is allowed to rise for 48 hours before being woodfired. (Gluten free pizzas are available on request.) Like all the best pizzas in Perth, ingredients are carefully sourced, in this case from around the world.

The menu includes some exquisite mains, antipasti and sides, and save some room for tiramisu or gelato for dessert!

The drinks list is excellent too, with a substantial collection of world class Australian and Italian wines, some interesting beers and ciders, and a short selection of delicious cocktails.

Canteen will perfect your day in Cottesloe visiting one of Australia's iconic beaches.  

* Menus often change, so this exact pizza might not be available.

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21st Jan 2019


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